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Be a Lotus

Be a lotus, a lotus born from the depths of the swamp and comes to the surface, is a lotus that clings to the bed of the pond and not moving. It is a lotus flower to open its beauty prints. Is a lotus lights at its center, pistils of fire. It is a lotus that no dust and mess it seduces with its fragrance, love. He is a brave lotus is a lotus of wisdom, is a happy lotus is a lotus of faith, but never let that Lotus remains sunk in the murky waters of despair. I wanted to place them this little verse, inspired by a wonderful flower, much revered by many cultures as a symbol of hope, wisdom and enlightenment. It is a flower that I love to paint, in fact my profile has some painted by my lotuses and is that in life you have to be like this flower and learn how to survive in a place full of adversities and problems environment, grow in turbid and muddy lagoons, diferncia and other aquatic flowers, this comes from the bottom and rises to the surface. Who do I mean by this ?, As we persevere, we must keep the faith, we must remain strong and not allow the "dust" (criticism, insults, etc.) affect us as flower beautiful person we are.

So true...