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Heat intolerance (uthoffs phenomenon )

Hi Has anyone got an useful tips they use when they are outside in the sun(apart from staying out of it )? I love the warm weather but unfortunately it doesn't like me. Vanessa

I agree Vanessa I get it in Sun, in shower and when I believe I'm bone cold and sit near the radiator. It actually goes for my eyes more than anything. This is one of my questions for ms nurse next week. Hopefully someone can come in with some good tips! Lisa x


Hi Vanessa myself and the family are Sun bunnies, were heading off tomorrow morning and just checked the weather forecast and it's 30°.....Happy days,! :) unfortunately though for a lot of us it can REALLY affect our MS symptoms. I class myself as being quite lucky ,my biggest symptom is the fatigue in the heat and leg weekness but I spend most my time lying on a sunbed 'underneath' a parasol away from the direct sunshine and staying hydrated by using my hired mobility scooter to get to the bar and back again! Drinks on wheels :) Regular dips in the pool is also good to call myself down quickly as well .... On that note my young son is destroying my iPad, my good lady is ironing upstairs frantically sorting the clothes out, so I best go up and help (laid on sofa typing this at the moment) All the best