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Ms hug?

I'm still not sure how to describe MS hug, today I just feel I can't catch enough breath. Is that MS hug?

Yes it very much sounds like it each side feels like you've got a vice squeezing you causes breathlessness and gets worse if you stress out trust me just relax the best you can or listen to some relaxing music I take THC CBD oil and that lessons the hug but I wouldn't worry it's definitely the Ms hug that's what it sounds like to me


I often feel it when I’m eating dinner…not sure if it literally has to do with a squeezing that makes me feel full faster. But yes, it feels like a tightness on both sides of your lungs. Hugs are lovely. I’d say MS gives you a “grip” or a “squeeze”. I notice it when I purposefully find myself taking a deep breath just to stretch out that grip-sensation.