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, hi could anyone help me with hand numbness is there anything that can be prescribed
Colton, United Kingdom

My MS started with the sensation of frostbite in my fingertips. Very soon thereafter, my doctor prescribed Lyrica/pregabalin for nerve pain. After a few months the sensation turned into icy cold burning. Now I find Lyrica is most effective at reducing that burning. But I am not sure if it can have a similar effect on numbness, absence of feeling. Worth asking your doctor. Glad to meet you today.


@Ricardo74 My first symptom, that flagged up that there may be a problem, was a permanent numbness in the left thumb and tip of index finger. I had a nerve conductivity test, to make sure this loss of sensation hadn't been caused by a trapped nerve...it hadn't and a few months before the test, they'd already discovered lesions on my brain and a huge amount in spinal cord. I've never got the feeling back, and the lack of sensation has spread. If it's numbness caused by nerve damage then there is absolutely nothing they can do, as they can't repair the damage already done.