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I’ve had some new numbness and tingling in my legs, feet, and face for a few days which I know can be normal...but I drank soda today and I can’t feel the carbonation in my mouth. Is that weird? Anyone else ever lose sensation in their mouth? Sounds silly 😜



@marajade , MS is weird. We can get symptoms anywhere, dependent on where the damage is on our Central Nervous System (CNS), i.e. our brain and spine. If this is a new symptom to you, and lasts for more than 24 hours, it might suggest MS activity, which should be advised to your medical team.



@marajade I've had a numb tongue with it last year and couldn't taste things properly or feel the temperature of what I was drinking or eating at the time....



@marajade yes I had numbness in my mouth for about 2 months earlier in the year ,taste was off and drinking hot drinks was a little bit awkward . The entire left side of my face had gone numb but Back to normal now so hopefully your numbness will pass also . The worst thing for me was when eating food I was very prone biting the inside of my jaw 😩😩 but I'm good again now



There's no such thing as a silly symptom with ms so you won't be alone in this, though I have no personal experience of this anything is possible!😍



Good to know it's not in my head πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Thank you @stumbler, @vivien, @cloudy, and @grandma for taking the time😘



Dear @marajade, I had two relapses last year, before being diagnosed with rapidly advancing R.R.M.S. and starting Tysabri. During the second relapse I woke with, amongst other symptoms, the feeling that I had a mouthful of dental anaesthetic, which was quite bizarre. After a course of steroids I got back to my current position. Thankfully, the Tysabri is now doing its job. The symptoms will pass, but you're not alone. Take care, and best wishes, Jon