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Has anyone else lost sensation full function of thumbs (mainly) /hands? It’s really bizzarre I can use my hands but my grip has gone slightly and I have permanent pins and needles in my hands that gets worse throughout the day. Would love to know if this is MS and not something more sinister x



Hi @Loumoo, I can’t speak for anyone else but I also have pins and needles in my hands and virtually no feeling in my last two fingers and down that side the hand, but I can feel my thumbs ( just about). My fingers and hands do work so I can still use hand controls it’s just the sensation (used for typing) that’s missing. I presume it’s all ms related as it’s all central nervous system. I hope this is useful to you and maybe set your mind at ease. Graham



I think it must be ms because loosing feeling in fingers and toes is fairly standard, mine has been going slowly the last couple of years and has now virtually all gone, but then I was dxd 25 years ago so it's hardly surprising. Getting worse throughout the day us also fairly standard, I am much better in the morning and if I have a good sleep after lunch, can usually manage dinner, and even a night out once in a blue moon!😍



Thank you!! Got myself pretty worked up but knew it must be MS. Just trying to get a handle on all the new symptoms that keep popping up xx



@loumoo , you can read all about this annoying symptom here :- https://www.mstrust.org.uk/a-z/altered-sensations



I have numbness in my feet, in my hands I tend to to have shakes and tremors more than numbness or pins n needles. And yes it is very annoying, especially when you are also a Diabetic who has to inject insulin 4 times a day along with take finger prick BM tests 4 times per day also..... very difficult.



Same here @loumoo. Started with left hand, now on right one as well. Tingles, numbness, lack of strenght. Grip in my left hand has gone down for sure, grip on the right is still pretty OK. Sometimes they also fall asleep during sleep which equals me waking up... What I have noticed is that the least I think about it, the less I feel it. Will discuss this with neuro in a month time. Hope it helps to know you are for sure not the only one. Thanks for the link @stumbler. H



Again! Thank you! Really appreciate the support from you all. Much love 💕



Left is worse than right. Feet too. Ugh.



Your comment made me smile so much.. "is it something more sinister?" Hey, they have more cancer treatments than they have MS treatments. They are even curing some strains, and offering more effective drugs for others. But with MS? duhh..nothing. So, in terms of "sinister" MS ticks all the boxes already...unknown and steeped in mystery. You will get the strangest of sensations, but bear in mind it is all lies. By that I mean all the messages that normally get through to your limbs and organs are now getting scrambled. You will feel pain without cause, because there is no cause. Sensations that have no bearing in reality, because the true sensations have got lost 'en route' Lack of supposed strength etc.. Your limbs are as strong as they ever were. It's just that the nerves that operate them aren't telling them that. It's infuriating. No..it' sinister..lol