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Anyone on Avonex and like it? I'm struggling with it big time.
Irvine, United Kingdom

@Jsammut Change it. I was on Avonex for three months, I was offered a clinical trial which meant that I was on Avonex, along with the trial drug. Luckily I discovered I was on the trial drug and not Avonex (it was a saline replacement). I was so glad I said yes to the trial because I am now on a much better DMT (Gilenya). I did not get on with Avonex, hated the injections and didn't like the "dip" a day after the injections. I would speak to my MS healthcare team and ask to moved onto another DMT.


I wish I could change but I'm breastfeeding and that's the only safe thing for me just now they said for mild MS