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The trials and tribulations

Today sums up MS perfectly for me - woke up after a good nights sleep feeling pretty good. walked half a mile this afternoon - first time in a couple of years so well chuffed. Supposed to be out tonight but cant move now - seized up completely - oh the joys. Hey ho -positives half a mile - mile next :)

@jasiejasiewasie , we have to learn moderation to balance these things out. It's all a learning exercise! :wink:


Don't stress! This is what has happened to me - when I started cruising instead of 'active' holidays, I found it fabulous that you could do a deck walk. Perfectly flat, hand rail if you need it, seats available right round the deck, no trip hazards. On the ship I go on most, three laps = 1.3 miles. I do that at least once on a holiday, but depending on my fatigue level afterwards, my legs react just as you describe - to the point that the following day they tingle, hurt and generally protest! But it's so worth it, a great (and measurable) challenge to build strength. I now have a 'personal best' of 7 laps, i.e. roughly 2.5 miles. I really never thought it possible. Keep it up!