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Good day all, Just want to say this site has really helped answer questions others couldn't also just having a platform to share with people who understand. I'm sure I'll have more comments and questions on the future but thanks to everyone for all the help thus far šŸ™‚

@erusha Thank you; I am glad we are helping. I never know if my posts are just me wasting my time since I have nothing better to do - I am sure others feel the same way... ;-) This community is diverse; with lots of personal knowledge. Many of the 20,000 members just dropped by to educate themselves, then moved on with their lives. Nothing wrong with that - if those responding to posts helped; we served our purpose. Glad you appreciate that...


@erusha šŸ‘ thank you. Ask as any questions you like, we don't mind. We're all here to try and help each other out. Happy trails.