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Botox for spasticity

Hi Everybody, I'm new to this site, not new to MS though (we are "together" since 1993). Has anyone tried botox for legs spasticity? If yes, I would very much appreciate to hear about your experience. Thank you, Daniela

Hi, I had Botox for Nystagmus, among other things. I know it's not the same as your reason. My issue is it wears off. will the treatment need to continue. Look at your optioins. Use what benefits you gain to further your abilities.


My long term friend has had Botox for years on the NHS. She was getting neck spasms that were impossible to control and she now has her neck, back and one leg injected at regular intervals. The good news is it works. Her spasms are under control. The bad news is weakness in the limbs injected. I am not a doctor and if you don't know already you should read up on it but my understanding is that every joint has two muscles - a spasm is when both are trying to work at the same time. They botox one of the muscles, so you get control and relief from pain but at a price.