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Seem to be posting a lot recently but it’s on my brain.. has anyone got any positive stories of living with ms? Everything is so doom and gloom has anyone had the condition say for 20 years with little progression? I think everyone needs some positivity

Theres alot of nice videos on youtube. One thing with RRMS is you learn to make to most of the time when you are relatively well!And you prioritise your health abit more than you would if you were healthy!


Hi! I am one of them optic neuritis when 20 yrs old. Now 42. Have mild epilepsy diagnosed by MRI showing lesions in my temporal lobe with plenty more widespread. I've never had a relapse, I cycle for miles. I'm clumsy and a bit scatty. I am totally invisible MS. Literally just diagnosed secondary progressive after lumbar puncture and a follow up MRI. I asked to see MS neuro hence the new tests, not because I had new symptoms. Try and think positive. Can be a slow burn.....