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Im 17 was diagnosed when i was 16 but investigation started at 15 years. I know my life isnt over and all that but it really does feel like i have had the best years of my life taken before they have even begun. Does anyone feel the same?

i think we've all felt like that. but focus on the things you can do. and go out there and really push yourself while your able. i wish somebody had said to me that one day i'd hsve to give up surfing and canoeing so that i coud go and catch the biggest wave and paddle that hairy waterfall.


Hi Annabel,I was diagnosed with MS when I was 15.I am now 21.When I was diagnosed first,I was upset,angry and frustrated.I kept asking myself 'Why me?',and I still do somedays.It will get better.I know it probably dosent seem like it now,but it will.I havent got a relapse since I was diagnosed,and hopefully I wont.I am on Avonex injection once a week,and seems to be helping. Look on the bright side of life,and think positive.Think of the things you can acheive in life,rather than the things you cant.