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Shift.ms is the social network and community for people with multiple sclerosis. Founded by MSers, for MSers, the charity supports recently diagnosed people across the world as they make sense of MS.
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Looking for advice about living with multiple sclerosis? Need info about MS symptoms? You’ve come to the right place.

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A diagnosis of MS can be unprecedented & chaotic. It can strike in the prime of life, just when we're making key decisions about relationships, family, lifestyle & careers.

If you're looking for advice and support from other people living with MS, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here for you - to talk openly and honestly about what you're going through.

We believe that MS isn’t about giving up on your ambitions. Just rethinking how to achieve them.

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The thing with Shift.ms is the community reaches out to you in a way that is completely different from your consultant, GP, friend, family or loved ones.
I was really lucky to be signposted to Shift.ms on the day of my diagnosis. I met with real people who were like me, were still working and were still ambitious.
Thank you Shift.ms you've been a life changer for me. People and community have saved me; but I never would have met those people had it not been for Shift.ms. It’s important to share where I’ve been, MS is a rough ride! But you enabled me get to where I am ♥️
A lot of people assume Shift.ms is just there for people during their diagnosis but for me Shift.ms has given me a platform to talk about my experiences and in turn I hope I'm helping other people.
The sense of community that Shift.ms affords people of all ages, walks of life and from all around the world has made this big disease seem like a smaller part of my life.

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Hey everyone, I’ve just been diagnosed with RRMS… How do you guys move on? Does it just happen one day? How long does it take? Help & ideas appreciated.


MS Treatment

What treatments would you recommend? Advice and recommendations welcomed!


MS Symptoms

I’ve eye problems for a while now but recently it's been a lot worse. I lose my balance a LOT. I have a weird sensation in my face…


Things not to say to us…

“You don’t look sick to me”
“Were you born that way?”
“I hope you get better”


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