You Rocked 2016!

As we come towards the end of 2016, we wanted to highlight all the great things the community have achieved these past twelve months.


new members

…decided to join the party and signed up to be a part of the community. Welcome!



people gave their time and energy

…to help our organisation to thrive. They worked behind the scenes in a number of roles including keeping our website safe and supportive, creating social media content, representing us at events and spreading the word about what we do.


MS Reporters videos

…have been shot, edited and shared since January, all thanks to the MS Reporters, filming buddies and MS healthcare professionals that have been involved.


These videos have had 432,864 views to date, helping to educate and inform countless people with MS.




…offered their MS wisdom to become trained peers for Thought Sort, an online mental health tool, specifically designed for people with MS. We haven’t found another to rival it! They were recruited through the community.


In September our fearless reporters crossed boundaries and brought you the inside story from ECTRIMS, the largest congress for MS healthcare professionals in Europe.


people with MS

…gave you a look in to their world with MS by taking over the YouTube channel for a whole month. Who knew you could have so many pairs of trainers in one room?! (Looking at you, Dean)


The community kept our Twitter seat warm for 49 weekends of the year – and we’re not afraid to say that’s when all the interesting tweets happen! Big thanks to volunteer and MSer Stanca for the smooth management of it all.


2016 has been a special one for, here’s to 2017 trumping it!