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why did i refuse treatment for long

hello everyone

the reason is my brain is well damaged
might make me disabled anytime with treatment or not that’s first
the majority or users will be disabled sooner or later that’s second

but what’s most important is and the main cause
my brain is damaged already
all my body organs are in great condition
why i raise my death or long term suffering chances
c mon this about it its dark way of thinking but who knows
if my kidney fails because of drugs bigger chances to be disabled
what about the liver what about they heart what about the eyes

now im on gelinya i see a shadow bird following the real one it wasn’t like that before but i consider that simple

if my brain is bad enough to make me disabled i prefer that on crossifying my main organs on untrusted treatment don’t care who approved them can’t trust anyone in this world except my family

sadly they kept trying with me to take gilenya after all these yrs did do

but inside my heart im not believing it even helps
it dares threatening me if i stop it even
I’ve always felt treatment as an offense because im harming my own self to treat my weakness
now worse

sorry i need to make a personal blog on google hehe

if you read this thanks
you don’t have to agree
but my mind statement about drugs will not change i tried

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5 months ago

brain damaged alone x or heart kidney liver eat damaged with it to make the brain feel better.
that’s the summary

5 months ago

Now, this could become an interesting, philosophical discussion about the meaning of life.

Life itself is a terminal condition. We’re all going to die from living it.

But, it’s how we live life, which is important. Do we want to live a sterile life and live to be one hundred or do we want to get out there and live and last to “three score and ten”?

It’s our choice. So, do we take drugs that have plus points and minus points? That’s a decision similar to, “do we cross the road?”. We want to get to the other side for positive reasons, but we might be killed doing it!

We have to choose the road we take, making decision at every junction we encounter. Where we get to and when is as much about the luck of the draw as anything else.

One of my favourite phrases is:-

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming… “Wow! What a ride!””

It might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s a choice…….

5 months ago

@stumbler, well said! This is why there’s no clear answer as to whether someone should be on treatment. @Nutshell, if you continue to feel this way, have you considered talking to your neuro about going off treatment or changing treatment? You’ve been struggling with this decision for months and I imagine that’s causing a lot of stress. I hope you figure out a way forward that you feel comfortable taking.

5 months ago

I rather believe its like driving a car having accedent on daily basis getting injured but not see injury untill they build up and leave us paralyzed
Driving destiniation is unknown ir certain

I was daignosed in 2004
Never been convinced about having any sort of treatment
Taking advantage of ill ppl leaving them more ill confused harming themself to convince their mind they will be less bad is worse than a gamble

5 months ago

I’ll continue with and give the company Gilenya benefit of the doubt

5 months ago

Does Gilenya stop or slow progression? I read today that a lady taking the same drug as you had no further lesions in her brain since being on this medication. I agree with stumbler. Your choice i’d rather live better on meds than longer without and still be limited. Unfortunately back in the day, we had no choice. Choose wisely. Take care.

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