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Where are my arms?

Hi, I was just wondering whether anyone had had any muscle weakness that has shocked them? I’ve always had a good level of strength in my arms but last week I went for a swim and couldn’t lift myself out of the pool! I tried it again yesterday and the same thing happened! It’s so frustrating and the weird part is that I can’t actually feel anything happening in my arms when I’m trying to push up, like I’ve got a complete blank from my elbows to my shoulders!
Anyone had something similar?
Thanks, Laura x

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10 months ago

Hi @laura0209 and welcome.

Does this weakness only occur after a swim, when you try and get out? The reason I ask is that it’s very easy to over-do the swimming. The water hold us buoyant and we don’t realise how much effort is involved……………….until we try and get out!

Just a thought……..

10 months ago

Hi @stumbler thank you for your response. Unfortunately it’s not just after length swimming or similar. I’m also an assistant swimming teacher so could be in the water for only 20 mins or so doing very little actual swimming, and still have the same issue. I think it’s confused me more because it’s not a weakness that has come on gradually; one session I’m fine, the next I can’t get out!

10 months ago

@laura0209 , as it’s intermittent, there may be an external factor. Can I suggest you keep a food diary?

Then, the next time it occurs, you can check the food diary and see if you can pinpoint a dietary issue……….

10 months ago

I had this many years ago but it was the start of permanent weakness. Had gone to the supermarket for a few bits on Sat morning. Jumped in the Land Rover to come home couldn’t turn the steering wheel. Luckily, was only 3/4 Mile from home, called other half, he walked down and drove us hone. We always had LandRovers in those days, so we either had to put power assisted steering on the vehicle or buy one already with it. We’re in the local Land Rover club, so just put out the word, all members knew about my ms so we put the word out and had loads of contacts by the end of the day, and a Range Rover (3rd hand at least) by the end of the week. Still driving 20 years later, now have to have auto with all the Bells and whistles! I swim as well and as we know best all round exercise for anyone with ms, in the water I can swim as well as I did 30 years ago, but can’t ‘push’ out the water any more, so gave to go up the steps!😍

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