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2 months ago


hey, how are you? long time, no speak!

I don’t know the answer and this might be obvious, who is your normal contact for your MS related needs? do you have a MS nurse is Saudi? If not, then I imagine the doctor who provides the medication would be best.

Perhaps someone on here has experienced something similar, but probably always best for a medical profession to advise on such matters.

Sorry I cant help more

Take care

2 months ago

@nutshell88 , this is taken from the Patient Information Leaflet that comes with Gilenya:-

“If you have taken too much Gilenya, call your doctor straight away. ”

As you can’t remember which day, possibly the time of concern has passed. But, contact your Doctor anyway, to be sure.

2 months ago

hey thanks for your responds
problem is I noticed this at 11 pm
all hospitals are shuts
I have an ms nurse but he is in another city
there is one here too but they are more professional there

hard to contact anyone st this time so i contacted ministry of health
a dr answered i explained
i had a terrible headache yesterday as if half my brain was sliced by a razor lol lasted until today afternoon
my face colour was a bit pale orangy color this afternoon too i wasnt aware why
also i had a weird stomachache i dont usually get that it was yesterday
but im generally fine now scary thing i read i must go to check to ic even if no signs appeared but they did
its late to go anywhere
the dr said if your face color has changed i advice you to go bec u take 0.5 gileneya anymore than that is dangerous

but if you feel you are fine no with no pain wait until tomorrow but i dont gursntee anything

:/ i get numbness this week i usually dont get it this often in 1 week

2 months ago

Talk to your doctor, your MS nurse or a hospital pharmacist.

2 months ago

nothing happens do not worry i did and slept a bit longer then went back to the routine.

2 months ago

@ upsanddowns you’re righy. I connected neurologest ms nurse they said same and its how i feel

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