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temperature differences, weather changes

is anyone else affected a lot by weather changes and differences in temperatures? i feel its getting worse and worse. wishing it could stay around 23c at daytime and 18c at night all year round, and dry. wishful thinking…

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9 months ago

9 months ago

@rolly for me the colder it is the better I am,

9 months ago

@rolly I have found that if the temperature is higher than 23c daytime don’t ask me to even get out of bed! I lost 3 weeks due to the extreme temperature in the summer and its made my ms worse.

9 months ago

I know youre in Japan so I don’t know where you’re closest country is with a stable temperature, but the only way to get round our problems is to move country! Not a realistic scenario for most of us so well just have to put up with our temperature changes and buy air conditioning, heaters, blinds etc., and stay indoor a lot.😍

9 months ago

I can’t win either way. Heat knocks me out n the cold stiffens my legs up.
Really annoying but at moment I’ve been ok wi it

9 months ago

yes, i know that sensitivity both to heat and cold are common in folks with ms. thanks for the link @stumbler. that summarises it very well.
what i actually meant here, though, was not the tempreatures themselves, but being exposed to temperature changes within a short time. like when the temp goes up by 10 degres or more from one day or the next, or when i move from one environment to another, with a diference in temprature. even within the house, as not all the rooms are always the same. it cna trigger pain, spasms, increased slurred speech or other symptoms, and it took me a long time to figure out what the reason was.
its a constant battle to try and ensure that i’m in an environment with a constant temprature. i’m the most comfortable when temperatures are stable, but especially in spring or autumn, there can often be sudden drops or rises, which causes me a range of problems.
@grandma, yeah, moving country would seem like the only option to escape this dilemma, and yet one that is not open to most of us. i guess hawaii would be the place closest to us, where fluctuations are smaller than elsewhere. would be good if that were a realistic option, wouldnt it? nice place, too 😉

9 months ago

@rolly , Hawaii! Have you not watched Magnum PI and McGarrett (5-0)? Too much crime for me……..

Ha Ha! 😉

9 months ago

@rolly, I’m with you on wishing for constant moderate temperature! Spent a lot of my summer inside in heat pump controlled comfort😉 Season changes and sun to rain are the worst … Think that’s more barometric pressure than temperature though.

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