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Taking Tysabri while pregnant

Hi everyone!

I know there’s already a conversation about pretty much this topic on here, but it’s from a few years ago, so I’m wondering if people’s thoughts have changed.

I am not pregnant, but if hubby and I take active steps (ha!), I might be sometime next year. I am on Tysabri, and I love it – it has halted a rapid decline in my highly-active MS.

My neurologist does not want me to come of Tysabri for anything (barring an even better drug / cure!). He says it’s my choice, but if I came off whilst pregnant, I would likely relapse, and no longer meet the criteria in my country to get back on the drug (or any publicly-funded alternative).

All we know at this stage is case studies from babies that have been exposed to Tysabri whilst in utero, and the only documented thing that happened to those babies was that some were born slightly anaemic, and this self-corrected.

I am in the position of having to weigh up a basically known risk to me (lack of qualification for medication, thus definite disability), and an unknown possible risk to baby.

Writing this out, it feels obvious that it would be crazy to take an action that would result in a mother to become further disabled. But I still worry; I wouldn’t know how to forgive myself if my actions resulted in harm to my child.

Eh… I guess I’m asking if anyone else is in the same position, or has made the choice to continue being on Tysabri whilst pregnant. It is all very confusing. Surely my (highly risk-adverse doctor) wouldn’t let me do it, if it was too unsafe…

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2 years ago

Hi Rachie

One of my best friends is on Tysabri in Ireland. She takes it every month so her neurologist said she could get pregnant a month after her last treatment (i.e. when she would be due to top-up again). Then she could take Tysabri as soon as she had had her baby (or shortly afterwards).

It worked for my friend and her children are healthy etc. I guess you need to see what you and your specialists can agree on (and see if you get more responses here!). My friend was worried their would be a delay between having her baby and getting back onto the DMD, but that is about communication between hospital depts and/or your partner.

Best of luck! LucyH

2 years ago

Hi Rachie,

I’m UK based and my GP recommended a web site called bumps (best use of medicines in pregnancy). I just searched Tysabri there and this is what I found:–pregnancy/Natalizumab/

In a nutshell, there doesn’t seem to be any proper evidence available yet but early indicators are that it’s probably not harmful – more research needed though.


2 years ago

Thanks for your input guys! I know, it’s all so new, and not many clear answers! I’ll keep you posted with any new info or developments! Much love xx

I am in my 3rd trimester and have been on Tysabri since conception. My baby is currently growing in the 61st percentile and high risk ultrasounds have shown no abnormalities. I plan to continue Tysabri through the 3rd trimester and into breastfeeding to reduce the risk of relapse. Were you able to conceive while on Tysabri? I would be interested to hear your story.

Thank you!

3 months ago

Hi sorry to put a downer on your question but the lass you’ve asked the question to is no longer a member…..where it says anonymous as a name it generally means they have left the club.
Hopefully others may be able to pass on some info.
Wishing you all the best😃

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