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9 months ago

@lightningduck , life isn’t fair. There will always be someone who is worse off and someone who is better off.

Don’t get hung up on guilt. You’re not to blame.

9 months ago


To put simply, yes of course there is but as @stumbler says we have nothing to feel guilty for.

On the opposite side of this there is taking joy in the fact that there are others worse off than yourself. Sickening to think of but they are out there, “Well I’ve got MS but at least I can talk without slobbering everywhere””…

9 months ago

I don’t know if I have survivors quilt but I do downplay how well I am doing. I don’t want to make other MSers feel bad and I know my health can take a turn for the worse anytime. I had a MRI recently and just got a call from my neuro that I have had minimal progression in the last ten years. Potter

9 months ago

@lightningduck there’s always someone worse off than ourselves but also others who are better off. I take gratitude for each hour, day and most importantly the moments I am in at the time. Being mindful of the here and now has really helped me. I highly recommend looking into and practising mindfulness. 🌟

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