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sudden pinching feeling in my elbow

Dear All,
Hope everyone is doing well and happy… I have an appointment today and would like to ask this: i have been experiencing a sudden pinching feeling on the outside of my right elbow, it is like somebody put a needle in the nerve and then l scratch the area and goes away..This is a new symptom.
Another one is that i have been feeling hot sensation below down my spinal cord and this is new as well. My spinal cord was not affected in the relap but i am wondering:

1- are these the sign of progress and the symptoms of changing face of it?
2- is my spinal cord getting affected in other words is there lesions being brewing in my cord and giving out symptoms in different areas of my body?
3- everything was on the left side, why am l getting this sensations on the right side?

Thank you everyone

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3 months ago

@zulfihan , MS is good at “sensations”. It’s the brain trying to interpret corrupt/missing messages from the nerve endings in a particular part of your body and than sending back an inappropriate response. The result being an illogical feeling, e.g. an itch you can’t scratch, a burning feeling in an area that hasn’t been burnt, etc.

All you can say for sure with the unpredictable nature of this condition is that symptoms in the top half of the body would not be caused by spinal lesions in the lower half of your body. Any other combination of symptom and lesion location are possible.

3 months ago

Thank you i am worrying that it is progressing ,,,from inside because frequency and and the impact has increased over the time ..


3 months ago

Dear @zulfihan,

Hello there,

I sometimes get a horrid sensation in my knees and elbows, it feels almost as if I have knelt on a drawing pin. It is fleeting, disappearing within seconds. I put it down to MS, accept it, and move on. Otherwise I agree with @stumbler, above. Welcome to our happy band…

All the best,


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