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Spinal tap

I’m going for a spinal tap in 6 weeks or so, been doing some reading about the procedure and after care, what has been anyone’s experience after having one done.
Seems to be alot of complain g of back pain and headache

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1 month ago

Naw Bobbi don’t worry at all about it. I had mine done more than 12 years ago by my Neurologist. Didn’t even feel it. I was worried about it just like how you are.
Again it’s a breeze
Best Jorge

1 month ago

Hi @bobbij
I had a spinal tap at Charing Cross hospital a week before lockdown started. Hardly felt a thing during procedure itself and was ok afterwards to begin with – made sure I lay flat for as long as possible and stayed in London that night. Next morning had to travel home on train for a couple of hours and was in agony by the time I got back – bad headache and sore back.

For a few days after that I got a really bad headache if I was up and about for long. Greatly relieved by lying down totally flat – as in not even propped up enough to be able to read or watch tv 🙄.
Back felt bruised but not unbearable.

I think the key is keeping flat as much as possible for as long as possible for those first few days.

Wishing you the best of luck!

1 month ago

Hi @bobbij. Most likely, it will all run smoothly. BUT, even though you feel fine after and the next day, stay laid flat and drink plenty. This is while the fluid levels recalibrate. I felt fine after and went to work the next day. On Day 3 I developed a headache which was brutal and lasted for days. This could have been avoided, so take time off/out and plan a TV binge!

Hi – It’ll be fine.
I had one done about 3 weeks ago before jumping ship to ocrevus.

You’ll probably go through all the info with your dr even if you’ve been through it before, then you’ll take up a side lying fetal position bringing your knees high to curve the spine.
then you’ll be anaesthetised and only when that’s confirmed as working they’ll begin.

It’s a weird sensation, you will feel pressure though no pain (your dr will tell you what to do if you do feel pain – i did, they just backed out and tried again, all fine).

Fluid collection takes a while (like 10 mins) since it drips out slowly, and then they’ll remove the needle and stick a plaster over.

movement can feel a bit wired for a while after, 24 – 48 hrs, but after this time you can remove the little plaster and get back to life as it was.

The trickiest thing for me was maintaining the fetal position – my legs felt like they wanted to spring out, so make sure you’re comfortable before they start and can maintain the position for a while.

Make sure you’re drinking way more than usual after the event, for the next 24h or so to avoid headaches.

I thought I was gonna need someone to hold my legs in place, but managed without them.

Best of luck – you’ll be fine!

1 month ago

I’ve never had one as everything has been done through MRI but Dr Boster has a video on it that you may find helpful –

Good luck-

1 month ago

Thanks everyone for your reply’s greatly appreciated. Take care everyone

1 month ago

@bobbij I had one in June. I was quite nervous before it but although it was a bit strange it was totally bearable and I was fine afterwards – I even got the bus home. I drank a few cokes as apparently caffeine helps. I did get a thumping headache on the 3rd day after it, but I’m not sure it was related to the lumbar puncture as it got worse lying down whereas an LP headache is supposed to be the opposite. It only lasted a few hours and went with paracetamol. Anyway I hope it goes well for you

1 month ago

@bobbij One was arranged for me but as I knew it wasn’t needed to make MS diagnosis [that’s the reason sometimes] I just refused it. They were absolutely ok about it and I haven’t been asked again.
You don’t have to have any procedure, drug so if you don’t want togive consent. Like you I had heard from too many people that it was unpleasant. Even if its OK nonetheless its invasive, and carries a risk therefore there needs to be a good reason to have it, in my opinion. At a bare minimum it should be carried out under X/Ray/radiology guidance.
I found out later that the reason for the request is that my treating hospitals uses various data from the lumbar punctures for one or more of their Research projects.
good luck

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