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Spatial awareness

I have had this issue for many years. I am unaware of my body and it’s placement.
I’ll explain. I am at the hairdresser and I’m facing away from the mirror. I feel that I am sitting up straight. As My hairdresser is a dear friend, she knows that I start to lean to one side and I give her permission to straighten me out.
Another example; I am in the doctors office on the examining table. I feel that I am laying perfectly straight. The doctor has to slide my legs in one direction and my body away from the edge.
Do others have this lovely symptom?

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9 months ago

@avengr13 , yes, I share your pain.

It’s a mixture of lack of core control and lack of sensation. I can close my eyes whilst sitting in an easy chair and I’ll soon forget whether my legs are crossed or not – no feeling!

MS is the gift that just keeps on giving! 😉

9 months ago

Yep, same thing. I crash into walls because I think my body is much farther from the wall than it is. I also misjudge placing items on the counter for the same reason. Besides breaking a lot of dishes, it’s also frustrating to try to explain to someone that I have no idea where my limbs are in space. I had no idea how many “fun” things come along with this diagnosis when I first found out. As @stumbler says, the gift that keeps on giving!

9 months ago

Not long after I was diagnosed, a neuro physio tested me for this as part of an assessment of how I was walking. Apparently, it’s called propriaception and was one of the areas she worked on with me. I can’t remember the exercises I had to do but it was part of a very detailed analysis. Balance, posture, position of the feet when the heel strikes the ground, rotation of the shoulder and waist, engagement of muscle groups, viualisation tecniques etc. I don’t know whether propriaception improves as a result of getting these other areas improved but I’m guessing that like me, you have various issues with your walking, so gait analysis might be the best way to proceed.

9 months ago

I started doing Taichi a few years ago and that really helped me to be more aware of my body.

9 months ago

I forgot to mention the importance of strengthening the core muscles, i.e. those that wrap around your abdomen, because they are vital for balance among other things. At the time, I wasn’t aware that my core had weakened through the MS, but apparently it had made my gait worse. To improve that, she helped me find a regime (swimming, Pilates and specific physio exercises). That was all fifteen years ago: I have maintained the regime, though now with minimal physio excs, but I still need to see her from time to time, because it’s easy to fall into bad habits with posture etc. My walking is far from perfect but probably as good as it can be…. Lots of luck with this. x

9 months ago

My ms nurse has been trying to get me an appointment with a neuro physio for 6mths. No joy, they don’t answer her letters to emails. I can only assume that, as I have said before my face does not fit, either with the NHS, the MS society, the government and anyone else you can think of. I get ‘lost in the system’, I am treated like the dirt under the carpet, the only thing that works for me is the monthly delivery of my Tecfiders, I have had it since Jan and am just waiting for something to go wrong, as it will in time, but am just making the most at the moment, so if you are getting any help make the most of it, it’s rare in this day and age especially for us mser, even if your face fits!😍

9 months ago

@cameron that’s unusual that you talked about your core strength. I have been seeing a trainer at my gym who happens to be a bodybuilder. His mom has ms too.that is the the 1st thing he has been drilling into me; core strength and good posture.

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