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Shout out for @stumblr

Your absence has been noted, Stumbler!

you are the linchpin of this site and always offer kind support and stoical, helpful, advice.
You have done this consistently and I for one, am very grateful.
A little birdie tells me that you are under the weather at the moment?
I am sure everyone here will join me in sending you loving regards and respect . And also get well wishes.
Please join me in showing your support for this wonderful man !
Please don’t be cross, I’m sure you won’t like the fuss, but good vibes are good for you…
Get well soon mate x

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1 year ago

@stumblr I miss you very much. You’ve helped me so much in the past ❤️
I wish you a speedy recovery .
This ms isn’t going to beat us! Wishing you all the best xx 💪

1 year ago

@stumblr sorry to hear you’re not well man, I’ve only been here a couple of weeks, but you’ve given me great advice on more than one occasion, thank you…

Get well soon J

1 year ago

@stumbler ,

Wishing a VERY SPEEDY recovery to a VERY SELFLESS guy!! It’s not the same without you and we do miss you when you’re not about! Please take a leaf out of your trusty advice book and fully rest up and make a good recovery.

….. and don’t moan about all the fuss you’re getting – it’s just us lot showing our love and respect to one GREAT GUY!

Suze xxx

1 year ago

@stumbler, yes please, come back soon and take up your rightful place in our company and affection! X

1 year ago

OK guys, it’s just a real world example of a pseudo-exacerbation. So, a UTI, an occupational hazard for a catheter user, which has totally knocked me off my feet. And, not for the first time either!

So, I am taking it easy, as if there was another option!

I just can’t get used to working on a mobile phone. I’m too old for this. I like my PC! 😉

Thanks for all the advice and good wishes. It’s very much appreciated. 🙂

1 year ago

@stumbler sorry to hear you about the infection. Have a good rest and look after yourself.

1 year ago

Nice to see all of the love, care and respect! I’m new to the site and am grateful you added me as a friend. Just try to take it easy and we’ll se ya’ when we see ya.’ Not sure if you celebrate Thanksgiving, but it’s tomorrow for most of us in the US. Maybe reflect on things/people you are thankful for in this time of struggle… Take care-J

1 year ago

Wishing you better I might not say much but I’m reading your excellent advice all the best

1 year ago

I can only add to the get well wishes and everything everyone else has said. Hope you make a speedy recovery xx

1 year ago

I’ll add my 2 cents from cold and wintery NY and hope you get well soon! Always love reading your advice
for your fellow MS’rs. (And I’m with you regarding modern technology!!!)

1 year ago

Yh our mate and observer @stumblet indeed deserves all good wishes to get well ASAP. Not to overstress himself again with the forum but to calm Uncle MS down so it treats himwell specialy in this winter things can build up specialy when he might over spectate us 😉

Be strong eat well my friend and never over worry or stress you mind body eyes ect in anyway 🙌🏻

1 year ago

Hoping you feel better soon. You are a very wise and kind man!

1 year ago

All the best! I know what you mean regarding using the phone.. I find it so frustrating and my clumsy fingers always hitting the wrong buttons. Much prefer my lap top!

1 year ago

Get well soon stumbler.

1 year ago

All the best Stumbler, get well soon, along with all the folks here, thanks for all your help….Red

1 year ago

Really sorry to hear you have another uti….remember the last episode and how it knocked you back. Your input on this site is inspirational. Get well soon John

1 year ago

Thinking of you, get well soon😍Xxx

Get well soon @stumbler

1 year ago

Get well soon @stumbler, you are missed here on Shift. I hope you have a good Netflix subscription or the like to keep you entertained while recovering 🙂

poppy x

1 year ago

Have you tried taking the 1000mg of Vit C when you go to bed. I do it every night and it burns the bacteria in your bladder. I had UTI’s all the time it seemed like I never got over them, I even went to a urologist for a year. I read about this in the National MS magazine, it was a interview with a urologist, he said he didn’t know why GP’s didn’t tell their patients about Vit C. I have cut back to 500mg of Vit C, 1000 was to strong for me but it still works. I haven’t had a UTI in years, I went from constant UTI’s to none. Get well soon. Potter

1 year ago

Hi @stumbler hope you are feeling better.
I know what you mean about battling a mobile for your online access.
A few months back (as my laptop was failing) I had to use my mobile for emails and the internet.
My clumsy lack of feeling fingers soon brought me to a halt!
New lease of life restored with the arrival of a new laptop now, and breathe…

1 year ago

Hope you feel better soon Stumbler.

1 year ago


feel better soon mate.
you’ve always been a big source of help during my understanding of our condition. you have also had a massive impact on how i view having the condition, helped me change my perspective, and I wanted to say a massive thank you!

And please get better soon, and come back when you are feeling well.

1 year ago

A heart felt get well soon @stumbler, will be thinking of you, your absence really is noticed!

1 year ago

Hope you feel better @stumbler, all the best !

1 year ago

Thanks everybody. The hospital let me out late last night. It’s good to be home.

So, thanks again. 🙂

1 year ago

Hope you’re well on your way to feeling better, Dxx

1 year ago


Your expertise is needed around here! Nice to hear you’re back. Hope you’re feeling better now ….

1 year ago

Sorry just seen this thread, I really didn’t mean to pile more 💩💩 on you, but thank you so much for being there 😘😘😘

1 year ago

No problem, @topsyjkv . I’m into recovery mode now, I think! 😉

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