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Shaking inner ear

I know I have sensitive ears, for example I don’t like watching things too loud. Other people moan it’s too quiet for them to hear at the level I watch stuff.

I used to get it every now n then when the TV is too loud or people are rasing their voices. It feels like the thin part of your inner ear is shaking.

Today I’ve realised I can’t listen to stuff with headsets on with my left ear because every sound makes it shiver. Not painful but quite uncomfortable. Although I have some pain when it’s about to start and afterwards. Even though the volume isn’t too high?

After this, I tried to watch something without headsets or earphones and it was shaking again, so I had to turn the video down.

Apprently it’s rare for ms to affect hearing but it’ll most likely be one ear if so.

No idea what’s going on if it’s ms wise or I’m getting extremely sensitive? Hearing loss potential?

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1 month ago

Can you ask the MS nurses? And if they can’t offer suggestions, could they put the question: is this likely to be MS-related? to the neuro on your behalf? If MS as the cause can be ruled out, that would leave the door open for the GP to explore, maybe by sending you for a hearing test or at the very least to determine if you have an infection or virus. IMO, staying as you are with this level of discomfort and a decreased quality of life is not reasonable. xx

1 month ago

Hi shannon. Im a newbie but saw ur post. I also hav da shaky/sensitive hearing thing in my left ear. Hav it a while now so am guessin its da ms. Hav an appointment next month so im gonna mention it to dem. If dey hav answers il let u know. Dan

1 month ago

Yeah I have an infusion next week so I’ll tell my Ms nurse then, hearing loss or issues is apprently rare for ms. Either way I’m hoping they want to refer me to an ENT specialist. I’ve had it every now n then but for the last 3 days I need to be careful because I will get it.

Thanks Dan, I’ll let you guys know what my Ms nurses say too.

1 month ago

@shannon_ohara , ENT sounds a good call to me. Could your GP make the referral for you?

1 month ago

I suppose, wanted to go through the ms nurse first especially this is ms related, I don’t know what other tests they may have in mind.

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