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verb: repair; 3rd person present: repairs; past tense: repaired; past participle: repaired; gerund or present participle: repairing
restore (something damaged, faulty, or worn) to a good condition.
“faulty electrical appliances should be repaired by an electrician”
synonyms: mend, fix (up), put right, set right, restore, restore to working order, make as good as new, patch up, put back together, overhaul, service, renovate, recondition, rehabilitate, rebuild, reconstruct, refit, adjust, regulate; fettle; informalsee to
“the car was taken to a garage to be repaired”
mend, darn, sew up, stitch up, patch up;
“an army of seamstresses repaired costumes and cut new ones”
make good (damage).
“an operation to repair damage to his neck”
synonyms: rectify, make good, put right, correct, right, redress, make up for, make amends for, make reparation for, compensate for
“she sought to repair the wrong she had done”
antonyms: compound
put right (an unwelcome situation).
“the new government moved quickly to repair relations with the USA”
synonyms: put/set right, put to rights, patch up, mend, fix, sort out, straighten out, make better, improve, right, heal, cure, remedy, retrieve
“the government repaired relations with several other countries”
antonyms: wreck, worsen, destroy
noun: repair; plural noun: repairs
the action of repairing something.
“the truck was beyond repair”
synonyms: restoration, fixing (up), renovation, rebuilding, reconstruction; mending, servicing; improvement, adjustment; archaicreparation
“the building is in urgent need of repair”
irreparable, irreversible, past mending, irretrievable, hopeless, past hope, beyond hope, irremediable, irrecoverable, incurable, beyond cure;
written off
“their relationship may well be beyond repair”
antonyms: reparable, rectifiable
a result of repairing something.
“a coat of French polish was brushed over the repair”
synonyms: mend; darn, patch
“a virtually invisible repair”
the relative physical condition of an object.
“the hospital is in a bad state of repair”
synonyms: condition, working order, state, shape, form, fettle; informalnick
“are the tools in good repair?”

late Middle English: from Old French reparer, from Latin reparare, from re- ‘back’ + parare ‘make ready’.

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