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noun: remedy; plural noun: remedies
a medicine or treatment for a disease or injury.
“herbal remedies for aches and pains”
synonyms: treatment, cure, medicine, medication, medicament, drug, restorative; antidote, prophylactic; nostrum, panacea, cure-all; therapy; archaicphysic, specific
“traditional herbal remedies”
a means of counteracting or eliminating something undesirable.
“shopping became a remedy for personal problems”
synonyms: solution, answer, cure, antidote, corrective, curative, nostrum, panacea, cure-all, heal-all, palliative, balm, magic formula; countermeasure; informalmagic bullet
“marriage is sometimes prescribed as a remedy for all kinds of life problems”
a means of legal reparation.
“compensation is available as a remedy against governmental institutions”
synonyms: (means of) redress, (means of) reparation, comeback
“the company is not liable and he has no effective remedy against them”
the margin within which coins as minted may differ from the standard fineness and weight.
verb: remedy; 3rd person present: remedies; past tense: remedied; past participle: remedied; gerund or present participle: remedying
set right (an undesirable situation).
“money will be given to remedy the poor funding of nurseries”
synonyms: put right, set right, set to rights, put to rights, right, rectify, retrieve, solve, fix, sort out, put in order, straighten out, resolve, deal with, correct, repair, mend, redress, make good; improve, amend, ameliorate, make better, better
“little has been done to remedy the situation”

Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French remedie, from Latin remedium, from re- ‘back’ (also expressing intensive force) + mederi ‘heal’.

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