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5 months ago

Is the toe also swollen, hot or red?
It’s a very confined pain, perhaps it’s not MS related, but you should call your nurse/doctor anyway and explain you symptoms to them.
Good luck, let us know!

5 months ago

No I don’t have swelling, heat or redness to it. Just very bad pain and feels like a band around it.

5 months ago

Likely MS but if you can see any swelling or discolouration then get to your GP.

MS delights in false signals. I get bits and pieces randomly around my body at times. From pain to deadness. After 26y I tend to go with the flow.

When MS is a new thing then I imagine it is far more alarming, understandably so. You have to force yourself to be very rational and ask is there is any other good reason.

Did you bash it?
Did you cut it (e.g. could it be an infection?)
Is it nice and clean?
Was it forced into some uncomfortable shoe for a day?

Etc. If no rational reason then most likely MS. The other fun thing is that if it never leaves it never leaves, if it goes it 2ill just vanish in 1 day or 6 weeks. There is no telling.

I try to focus beyond the niggles or they will drive you batshit crazy.



5 months ago

i got it more than once when i do get it i get limping relapse later with toes disfunction

5 months ago

Gentle stretching and manipulation – gentle to start – to prevent any build up of spasticity (tight muscles) is also crucial. I stretch a fair amount regardless.

5 months ago

Hi sharon I do get that in my big toes especially when out walking for long mine not Ms related .I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy before diagnosed with Ms.
Unless you ask you neuro for nerve study test to be done it effects my finger tips too
Take care

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