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2 years ago

@rachaellouise , these people can advise on healthier lifestyles. And, a healthier lifestyle will always make you feel better.

Will it improve the course of your MS? Possibly. Some MSers swear by their diets. They feel it has improved their disease course. Has it, or is this the healthy feel good factor?

You are the best judge of what works for you. Just be aware that there will always be people, who will willingly relieve you of your money whilst selling a vision of a better life……. 😕

2 years ago

Stumbler is always right! Do follow his very wise advice and take care.

2 years ago

Yes I’ve seen both a nutritionist and functional medicine dr. The nutritionist was out of her depth dealing with me but the results I’ve seen with the functional medicine dr have been amazing. Only relating to my digestion however rather than my ms. My ms has been pretty bad but stress has played a big part unfortunately. The functional medicine route is also extremely expensive I should warn. Each round (appointments, tests and supplements) costs around £2,000 and they’re reasonably regular at first.

I’ve just done lemtrada which I’m combining with my functional medicine work as I’m hoping it’ll make it more effective. I also combine that with swank diet as I had great success with my ms using that type of diet.

Good luck in what you decide to do.

2 years ago

I’ve always been a believer in good nutrition and did go to see a couple of nutritionist when I was first diagnosed. Tbh they weren’t a lot of use with regards my MS although they did help in a general sense. It wasn’t until I discovered and started following the OMS diet that I really saw the changes and that inspired me to go off and study nutrition for a year so I’m now a nutritionist although I don’t practice it professionally. If there’s a particular question I can help with then feel free to send me a message and I’ll do my best to help!

2 years ago

My best friend is a nutritionist. I a scientist. I think a good diet will be beneficial re placebo effect but until there is strong evidence through randomised, controlled trials to prove effectiveness, I have doubts. Remember Gillian McKeith (UK)? I do understand though, I followed lots of diets to fall pregnant with polycystic ovaries. Good luck! Btw my friend suggests anti-inflammatory diets. Makes sense 😃

2 years ago

I realise that Gillian McKeith did no possess any accredited qualifications like most nutritionists. Sorry. Hope no offence caused…

2 years ago

Hi all,

Just had a consultation on the telephone with a nutritionist. I am not sure really what to think. Her website sounded good.
She’s been recommended by someone but I didn’t feel much warmth but should I ignore that if she has been recommended maybe good at other things .

2 years ago

@rachaellouise , that’s a shame. When you are considering embarking on a relationship like this, you want to feel comfortable that they have a nice “bedside manner”. This should make you feel that you are special, so you can positively envisage working as a team.

Words can say anything about anything, but, if they aren’t spoken with the right amount of compassion and empathy, the message gets lost. Hence the website can tell a good story!

Would you buy a car from someone who couldn’t enthuse you about it?

You could have a quiet word with whoever made the recommendation. But, be your own judge and trust your feelings.

2 years ago

@stumbler – thanks so much for your message. It’s exactly how I’m feeling. 🌞

Sometimes you wonder if it’s yourself. Her website sounds just want I’m looking for … holistic , self healing etc even quotes I have been saying she had on their . So I think this is a sign I’m a bit like that , you know I feel I’m being guided . I feel energy more.etc

There’s a lot of people who don’t have bedside manner . Especially a lot of doctors and consultants . One doctor in particular was awful and I felt so unsupported..They can have all the qualifications in the world , but why can’t they just have bedside manner too and be more empathic and gentle .
They don’t understand what we need !

She just sent me a nice email so I’m torn now .



2 years ago

@rachaellouise , first impressions can sometimes be wrong.

Perhaps another chance to see how the relationship pans out……….

2 years ago

Yes that’s true . I have also in the past wasted a lot of time and money on things that I felt were not right so I know what you mean about instincts too . There was one guy an osteopath and I was unsure about him at first but I stook with it at the time and that turned out okay , but mostly I agree instincts always pointed me in the right direction, but it’s wether you listen to them .
I had this woman last year and she had all these qualifications and a website saying all these things you’d want to hear And she charged a fortune and I kept thinking it will get better and it never did and it went on for 8 months and I saw her every week. I was desperate as I was depressed at the time and it left me feeling more vulnerable than before .
I kept ignoring my instincts and it didn’t feel right feelings in favour of being optimistic
I think I need to put more of a strategy in operation lol
I think you’ve reminded me that I need to listen more to my instincts 😊

What’s that saying ?

People over selling and under delivering !

Rachael x🌟

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