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1 year ago

I found out I had ms the week I qualified as a nurse! Hello 😘

1 year ago

Student MH nurse in final year, diagnosed with RRMS in May 👋🏻

1 year ago


I’m Lisa and was diagnosed 2 years ago. I’m a Nurse working for the NHS in a hospital. I’m just in the process of dropping from full time to 30 hours a week. The fatigue is my weakness and I’ve tweaked my role to try to suit me. I’m very determined as I love Nursing!
Let me know if you need a chat or want to ask any questions. Friend request has been sent.
Lisa x

1 year ago

I’m an RN diagnosed with RRMS in January of 2017. I have worked as an inpatient nurse since 2016. Still working 🙂

1 year ago

I am a trained nurse diagnosed with RRMS in 2002. I have just recently given up nursing after nearly 30 years of practice. I’m here to chat to if you want. Friend request has been sent.

3 months ago

Hello I am a student nurse 2 months away from qualifying! Diagnosed last month deciding treatment options at the moment

3 months ago

@jami I’m a nurse and diagnosed last year with RRMS and like @cazsmith trying to decide which treatment to start on. Happy to chat 😁

3 months ago

I’ve decided on ocrevus- has anyone been on this?

3 months ago

I’m a nurse. I’ve been nursing for 9 years. I found out I have MS last year. I’m 35. Looking back I can see symptoms 7 years ago that I ignored. I had to quit work because my symptoms got so bad. I applied for disability back in December and I’m still waiting. All I want to do is nurse! I’m struggling trying to redefine myself.

1 month ago

Hi everyone!
So sorry I’m slack with messages. It is so reassuring to know there are other nurses living with MS. Are you sharing with your co-workers/employer? I have so many questions and not really anyone to connect with. Feel free to send me a PM if you want to connect & chat 🙂

1 month ago

I’m a MH nurse. I was diagnosed at the beginning of my 2nd year of training & have been qualified now for nearly 15years. The team I work with are very supportive & are all aware that I have MS.

1 month ago

I’m a health care support worker for NHS got diagnosed with rrms in April this year

1 month ago

I am a clinical support worker with NHS. Diagnosed last week after 4 yrs with cis diagnosis. Hope your well x

@jami. I am an RN for 26 yrs. I was dx in 2009. I worked up until 2015. I was in management when dx which afforded me the luxury of coming in early and leaving early or vice versa. It took me awhile to learn how not to push myself I decided to leave acute care and started my own consulting business which gave me more control over scheduling. But unfortunately due to unforeseen problems I had to stop all together and it took me a couple years to talk myself into applying for disability. I applied on my own followed all their appts and was approved the first time in 4 months. It killed me to give up my career that I worked so hard for and loved so much. I have found my depression is a lot worse since giving it up. I miss me so much

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