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10 months ago

Yes, I feel your pain, excuse the pun. I used to get the numb scalp thing quite a lot, then it sometimes felt like I had wet hair afterward even though it was bone dry. I rarely get it now, only if I’m super tired. I hope yours passes nice and soon.

10 months ago

I’ve had mine everyday for about a month now. Really bothered me at first, but I’m pretty used to it now. I hope it goes away for both of us!

10 months ago

Mines been tingling for a few years now, its just another thing to ‘get used to’. I also feel like something is crawling around on my head [it isn’t] and feel like I’ve walked into a spider/cob web and brush or scratch my head to get rid of it but eases after a while. Its just one of those things that make me feel weird when I try to brush something off that’s not there. Its not painful just annoying. With a bit of luck yours will ease soon.

10 months ago

Mine’s only on the left side (top of my head, eyelid and top 4 molars, and fingers and toes) and feels more like when you get local anaesthetic at the dentist. Really only notice it when I think about it … It’s been like that for years. Massaging numb areas seems to help with maintaining sense of touch (kind of like with exercise and muscle memory). Hope yours goes away soon!

10 months ago

The right side of my scalp is currently numb. I was diagnosed with an aggressive RRMS last week after 8 months of constant, varying symptoms. If I tap my head it feels hollow! It’s really strange, I’m eagerly awaiting my appointment next month to start treatment. I was given a five day steroid treatment; however, I haven’t noticed much improvement. Good luck with your symptoms, I hope they pass soon.

10 months ago

Hi @celticblonde77 and welcome.

Steroids aren’t a quick fix. Their first job is to resolve the inflammation on your Central Nervous System (CNS), which is causing all the problems. This will then allow a recovery to start.

The Steroids will be helping this recovery over the next 6-8 weeks, but you do need to rest up to allow this recovery to occur.

10 months ago

Hi, yes, a numb right side of my scalp was my very first symptom.

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