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NHS nurse on ocrevus

Hiya I’m a nurse working in cardiology department, I have been taken off work for the next few weeks (at least) due to covid 19, I was just wondering if anyone there are any other healthcare workers in the same position- are you still working, or are you isolating? if so how long before you can return to work? I feel so useless at the moment but I do understand its better to stay safe

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1 week ago

Sorry, not in your professional position but have you kept up with the You Tubes of Dr Boster as well as the material that Dominics has put on this forum? Good regular updates that cover particular issues for those with MS and the various DMTs. Latest material I saw suggests that being on Ocrevus (as I am as well) is a good thing as it seems to be dampening the over zealous auto-immune response on the back end of this virus which is the most dangerous part- not that I urge you to stay in the workforce if you are being ordered home.

Others are finding a way to be useful in a less exposed fashion by moving off the front lines to roles admitting or advising patients which could be via email or on the phone. Maybe there is another way to play a role?

My Dr friend that has Lupus is helping our local university 3D print medical supplies and has designed a face mask we can sew with a filter lining that can be used by her husband’s (a heart surgeon) as well as cancer patients. I have my material ready and can start sewing today 😉 In the US one of our largest fabric stores is now donating precut fabric ready to sew…many ways to contribute and not be on the front line 😉

1 week ago

@cazsmith If you head over to Twitter and ask the qu. using the #MSCOVID19 hashtag you are tapping straight into a pool of experts who will be able to give you the sort of advice I suspect you need.

Hi, I am also an NHS Nurse on Ocrevus. I was sent home last week and told to isolate. I am so worried about my colleagues who have been redeployed to the Covid-19 wards.
I keep telling myself that I am helping by not being there and catching the virus and requiring a bed/ventilator. It’s a horrible feeling knowing that they are short staffed and lacking PPE.
In terms of how long we might be off for, I’m not sure. We need to see what the government says and follow their advice. I know we are in the vulverable group but do you know if we are in the “extremely vulnerable” group due to being on Ocrevus?

1 week ago

Ocrelizumab suppresses B cells, not the T cells your body uses to fight infections – was the emphatic point made to me this morning.

The advice on DMTs is far more nuanced than SMT=additional risk.

Tecfidera – a small subset have a white blood cell count that is affected. That is a potential issue. People within as post 1y ( changed from 6 months to 1y) period of an Immunoreconstitution therapy (Alemtuzumab or HSCT) are in a higher risk group.

That is a consensus shared by many to MS neurologists. These are people who have put health and well-being at the forefront of their minds.

In urge you both to pose the question to the medics on Twitter using #MSCOVID19 .

I am merely relating what I have been told. I am not a medic. This is from the horse’s mouth though. However, I wouldn’t take a randomners word for it. I’d check!


I have skin in the game as I too am on Ocrelizumab.

1 week ago

I am a nurse on a post partum unit and am also on Ocrevus. My GP has taken me off work indefinitely due to the virus. At my hospital, they won’t allow us to wear masks or offer much in the way of PPE. My last CBC wasn’t great either. After my last infusion I picked up some kind of virus and carried a fever for 30 days. So to be safe, my doc took me off work. I don’t mind being off during this. My health is just as important to me as my patient’s health.

1 week ago

Hi! Also a nurse for the NHS, working in ICU. I’m on Tysabri and so far I’m just being told to see how it goes. On my last shift we moved all non suspected patients to a “clean” area and now my normal place of work is a Covid specific ICU. I don’t what is going to happen when I go to work tonight, I’ve had no correspondence to say I will be redeployed. I self referred to Occ. Health in December and heard nothing back so emailed again yesterday and no reply yet. I hope everyone is staying safe and trying to not let the stress get to them too much. I think if you are recommended to stay at home then sit this battle out. There will be plenty more that we can help fight.

5 days ago

I work for NHS and I’ve been told not to have direct contact with confirmed or suspected cases of covid19.

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