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I have many questions about how others suffer regarding MS. I was dx in 2014 and don’t know any other MSers.

My first question: Does anyone else suffer from what I call warm belly/hot belly?

It’s exactly what it says on the tin, just different degrees of heat and (un)comfort levels.

I know most of us will suffer heat sensitivity anyway but this is different. It could be a perfectly mild day and my tummy will suddenly decide to start an internal fire. Nausea usually soon follows.

I more often than not have to tog off (keeping the bra on lest the neighbours walk by at that exact moment) if I’m at home and apply any frozen food available to my bare middle.

Is this a common occurrence for anyone else?
I could have up to 2 episodes of this a day.
It’s getting really old if I’m honest 😒

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any replies.

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1 week ago

Hello. I have not heard of this before, but nothing surprises me anymore. Just write down when It starts and finishes then your doctor. Maybe it is the MS or something else.
Take care. XX

1 week ago


Hi and welcome, not experienced hot belly my self but, this is MS we’re speaking of so all kinds of weird stuff happens whether it be regular or not. Speak with your Nurse or Doctor if this keeps happening to you.

1 week ago

Hi I was Dx’ed over 25 yrs ago & have never experienced this.
It may have something to do with a side affect from MS or other medications.
When I was Dx’ed with MS I was also Dx’ed with Lupus & Rheumatoid arthritis. Generally when you are diagnosed with one autoimmune disease you generally have a secondary autoimmune disease.
I’m my situation the MS is the primary disease which causes me problems. The lupus and rheumatoid are both in active now and have been that way since I was Dx’ed with MS.

1 week ago

I’m far from a wordsmith, so I may have just omitted some crutial deatils.
I just call it a “warm belly” so my people know I’m not 100%.
For all the world it’s like travel sickness, but I could experience this totally stationary lying in bed or just sitting on a chair. It’s that nauseous feeling you get when the plane drops a few hundred feet rather rapidly without warning. I do also suffer from anxiety but I believe this to be more an MS issue as I get very hot and flustered which is usually how I am in the heat anyway.
It sometimes brings on dizziness too and I will have to lie on a cold tiled floor to “recalibrate”.
I make up a lot of terms for things I can’t explain.

6 days ago

Hi Aoife, I get similar. I’m on tecfidera and it put it down to that. I get like a travel sickness feeling about 4hrs after taking, but in the night my tummy is like a furness… It keeps me awake. The only way I can describe it is like having a hot curry before bed time. Its just annoying….i put it down to the medication, who knows!!

3 days ago

Hi Aoife, very little craic with the MS… 🙂

I think I know what you mean in general with the tummy thing…you get lots of warm little cuddles form MS now and then; come and go in different places… chest and belly are common and sort of inexplicable….

Sadly a lot of MS stuff is like that, inexplicable, without metaphor and analogy…..especially the sensory stuff which comes and goes here there are f**kin everywhere… and starts to make you paranoid about normal twitches and tickles…..

3 days ago

my belly used to be watmer than my body but not enough to be annoying
this seems to me like one of ms neuropathy numbness i feel hell fire bellow my feet always but i was dx ten yrs before you
it sounds as mild ms hug as well not sure really
or maybe its caused by ur treatment

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