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2 weeks ago

Hello @sahearn34, good to meet you and welcome to Shift. Yep, it’s a big learning curve for all of us, especially at the beginning. A lot to take in, but I guess you kind of get used to it. It does take a while to adjust to a new kind of normal but that side of things does get easier….

2 weeks ago

@vixen thank you yes it has been a learning process and they have changed my meds this is the 2nd one we are trying.

2 weeks ago

@sahearn, which meds are you on now? I’m sure it’s a pain, but great to get it right at the beginning through trial and error. Do take care of yourself, lots of treats! This period of time is not the best space to make any big decisions, as your physical and emotional self is a bit jumbled up at the moment, but things will settle….

2 weeks ago

Sorry for the Dx but welcome to the group. Great support and info here. There should have been a tag of “newly diagnosed” on your post but maybe they didn’t catch the drift of the message. Usually there are some tags that when you click on them you are taken to other posts on the same topic. Otherwise you can always put a topic in the magnifying glass in the upper left or search for people, etc. Can also explore the person and notifications in the upper right, request friends for personal conversations, etc. If you want to make sure someone sees a message or a response just tag them in your note with “@” before their nickname. Very handy site 😉

Another good site if you want to learn more about MS and managing it from a Neuros perspective Dr Boster has set up a You Tube Channel with hundreds of videos on so many topics. This is his message to the newly diagnosed- of course the MS societies of the US and GB have good sites as well


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