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MS effects my relations

Hi all

Well I’ll be absolutely honest
MS has effected on my way treating other people
Made me almost giggly over anything talking for ling not listening some of my colleagues are great others dont even answer me if I enquired from them on whatsapp or face to face sometime

Sometimes they laugh at me i have dignity yes i joke they can laugh at the joke not me

Even my manager is almost bored of me starting to tell me they are higher level at work altho we are doing the same tasks

One of them id my best friend in all life but many always underestimate my intellegent focusing answers memory and its heart breaking remembering how smart i used to be i started walking speaking when i was 9 months cant remember that but my parents says

I feel like crying knowing im gonna meet them tomorrow and my friend is away on a trip idk 🙁

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11 months ago

@nutshell88 don’t let them get the better of you, if they’re making you feel shitty – call them out on it. Ask them if taking the piss out of someone with medical conditions is something they take joy out of, and if so they need to seek mental medical help!
I hope it all goes well for you x

11 months ago

After they push me too much to the limit or “ take the piss “
I cant hold my temper I simply explode with anger my brain goes blank and my mouth rolling non stop shouting meaningless words offensive to all
Happened twice or more and on whats
its not suitable at work place

Serves them right i know
I even thought if keeping myself away from them act like im having headache but thats pure weakness im an adult not like running away!

Anyway thanks for your reply x
i have higher qualifications than them even but my illness ..

I wish i return to age 17 and live in it forever before diagnosis anything but not dignity

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