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Lost In MS

So I was diagnosed in Jan this year with RRMS… I took it on the chin and it was just another hurdle to plough through in the world of Life… August started Plegridy but the side effects were too much to the point I could barely function so I only had 2 injections…. So will be going on a different med sometime soon…. Anyway, Since the Plegridy I just havent been myself at all. My Anxiety is through the roof so waiting for Neuro to give GP go ahead to get meds for that and Iam feeling like there is always something wrong with me from back pain, bad headaches, weird aches and pains and just feeling generally unwell… Seen GP and he says its JUST MS Symptoms and quite possibly I have some sort of virus ( I have had the cold since plegridy and its not shifting )… I also work 5 days a week… I just feel like Iam stuck in limbo in no mans land somewhere waiting on the ground to open up and swallow me… I am aware that being unwell, stressed etc can give u MS Type Symptoms… Im so lost atm… Sorry about story book šŸ¤¦šŸ¼ā€ā™€ļø

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6 months ago

you can beat it treat it as component
and win with positive determination to get spoilt by your own self stress free as best as you can
live your life and enjoy it never allow it to ruin it for you
i know easier said than done
but your life quality matters more than the worries it might cause you because it leads to nothing but getting worse x

6 months ago

Quite a lot to go through. Itā€™s difficult to work when how you feel changes every day! I was diagnosed in February of this year & I feel like you do. Some days are a struggle and some days I feel almost normal. Iā€™m fortunate that I can work from home mostly, but when I do have to travel I try to take it as easy as I can. Hang in there & keep posting …this is such a great group here & very encouraging!

6 months ago

Its just good to kno that it is all from MS and other ppl are having similar things goin on and this is just the way it is now and iam not actually losing my mind… And talkin to friends or family they dont quite get it or dont understand… Thank You šŸ˜Š

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