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Does anyone find that they sometimes become insecure within their relationships more so than usual? Yesterday my boyfriend commented on how nice looking a girl was in a film we were watching, and hen he actually looked up a picture of her, whilst i was sat next to him, to have on his phone. He has made feel like im not good enough for him, whixh breaks myhart, i dont know whether this is me over reacting or what i just feel like maybe if i didnt have the problems i do then he wouldnt look up other women right infront of me. This is more of a rant i just needed to gwt it off my chest. X

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7 years ago

Isn’t this to do with men coming from Mars and women coming from Venus?
Men see love more in a physical, tactile sense, whilst women are more sensitive.
So, it’s a bloke-thing – excuse us…….. 🙂

7 years ago

Aye, men are visually stimulated, whereas women are mentally stimulated, (or just plain mental, haha, joke!!). He doesn’t see the harm in it because you were there with him, so he see’s it as a non-important thing, but which seems you feel, insensitive to you. He will not see it as being unfaithful, whereas some women do.
In his mind, he’s just appreciating beauty and not thinking of the consequence towards you and your feelings towards this issue.
If he is fully involved and loving with you, I’d think twice about making a big fuss about this. Though you might feel it worth a jovial and light-hearted dig at his silly actions here. Ask him where all his pics of you are on his phone!

7 years ago

@pottypete lol! That last line is fantastic.

7 years ago

Don’t bloomin blame you Cedelle!, you get it off your chest if it makes you feel better !!! that would niggle me too, I am sure he luv’s you to bits, some men are just a bit cheeky, perhaps he’s just trying to keep you on your toes! xxx

7 years ago

Speaking as a Man I would say that you really have nothing to worry about. If he thought for one second that you were even slightly unattractive, for any reason then he would do everything he could not to make you realise he thought the actress was. The pure fact that he didn’t even try to cover up his opinion, just says to me that your man thinks you are either beautiful, clever, sexy, or ALL of the above. Hope that helps 🙂

7 years ago

“Does anyone find that they sometimes become insecure within their relationships more so than usual?” – @cedelle

To answer this part of the question, yes, I certainly often feel that way. This is two part. The first is basically that the MS messes with my emotional reactions to things. It’s very easy for me to descend into uncertainty, paranoia, insecurity…that just seems to be a neurological reaction to emotional or psychological stress. The second is that with MS, it’s really easy to look at yourself as ‘damaged goods’ and *anyone* in that sort of situation to feel a shot to the self-worth and therefore feel a bit uncertain about how others, even loved ones, will view you.

So there have been a lot of goods words written here that you shouldn’t feel insecure and I hope you take them to heart but I’ll say that I think it is natural, and related to MS, to get those feelings of insecurities. I hope this doesn’t get you down, you will get those feelings and I just want you to know that so you will learn to seem them for what they are and learn to get passed them

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