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5 months ago

@melissa_larkin , you’re just more susceptible to the normal cold and flu bugs that go around.

You can mitigate this increased risk by paying attention to your personal hygiene, i.e wash your hands frequently, or use bacterial handgel frequently.

5 months ago

@melissa_larkin I assume you do the other basics like having your flu shot, telling people to not come near you with a cold etc., the other thing I do, as most germs are airborne, sadly I now try and use a face mask when sitting in large waiting rooms at the doctors,ms clinic,oncology unit. They are usually full of other people, average of 40 per room and % says at least 2 will have a cold or something and sadly we can’t take the risk, so along with Stumbler’ advice about hand hygiene you should be ok.🥊😜

5 months ago

This probably depends on what DMT you’re taking, if any. I’m on Tysabri and have young kids who are in daycare/school and have no sense of personal hygiene. I mean they will eat random food they find on the floor and lick public trash cans. So I get sick a lot and it takes longer for me to get better. I’ve been on antibiotics four times so far this year. What can you do? I can’t not be around my kids! And I can’t put them in a bubble. It just is what it is.

5 months ago


I am never sick; yet I have PPMS which is a different variation. I take Vitamin D plus Omega 3-6-9 daily which might be helping.

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