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2 weeks ago

Hi don’t feel that way. You are not alone, vent here

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago

Hello @matthew_phillip_kuhar, sorry you’re feeling like this. Is it life you really hate, or the MS? (there is a difference!) At the moment with the way of the Covid world, it is quite tough to put a positive spin on things. We all face this journey together, wherever you are in the world. Have you spoken to one of your team about medication to help pep you up a bit?

2 weeks ago

Sounds like you aren’t in a good space. One thing I know about life in general is that our minds are a powerful tool. Our thoughts contribute to how we feel. I struggled with depression for a looooong time and while I still take meds for it, it has been the hard work on my thinking and false beliefs that really changed things.
It isn’t easy. Life can be really challenging. Do you have good support? Is there anything you can do to feel better. Even something small? Sometimes it really is the small things that help make a shift.
Hope you are feeling better when you get to readinf these responses.

1 week ago

I hope you feel better just by writing this. I have been in pain since a year and a half and yesterday I told my husband life was a b… I am glad I told him that because I was angry about the constant pain. But today is a beautiful day outside and today I don’t feel that anger. The present moment may not be good, but the next one will be better, try to see the positive in the little things.
I hope you have some kind of positive support around you and this community is there for you for sure.

1 week ago

Try to see something positive….i know is so bloody hard…im with you there, in the last year I’ve lost everything……..
Its a hard fight and have felt like giving up, but there’s something inside which tells me to just keep going…
Just live it day by day and take the tiny positives out of each day and focus your attention on those..
Be well and be safe

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