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I cant handle all this stress

I need to rant because once again im awake to hours before i need to b and im in tears. I was on Copaxone and ive just been told my neuro doesnt think it works for me anymor so i have to now consider TY which is a difficult decision to make. I have to have my 3rd MRI soon to see whats going on and to top it all off, i went out sat eve with my friend for a few drinks, the first time in about a year, and my mumm has made me feel so guilty about going out for no reason, i hate living with my mum and her huusband and his son but i cant afford to move out yet and i feel so stuck and lonely. I dont know what to do.

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8 years ago

Hi cedelle,your defo having a rough time at the mo!!! Stressing out will make you feel like crap it does effect your MS!! As for tysabri I’ve been on it 3yrs and it has changed my life!! No relapses in 2 years yet I was relapsing every couple of months!! It’s a big decision I know but get all the advise you can, there is a group on FB called uk tysabri users it’s a closed group.Great advise on there from all walks of life!! Living with your family sounds hard at he mo, don’t know why your mum making you feel so crap about going out!! Sounds like your not getting a lot of support regarding your MS.Try stay positive cedelle, things will work out!! Xxxx

8 years ago

You should go out more if that’s what you want to do, it’s your life, your mum should realize that and she should want what makes you happy especially given the circumstances.

Me, i’m a recluse who lives on my own and my mum would rather i went out more! Ironic isn’t it.

I can’t offer advice on DMD’s, i’m still fairly new to all this myself as I was only dx’d earlier this year.

I really hope things pick up for you, be as positive minded as you can and don’t worry for the future cos it hasn’t happened yet. Take things one day at a time.

I know it’s hard sometimes, especially given the condition we have and have to put up with but worrying too much ain’t gonna make it all go away it’ll just lead to more stress which again isn’t going to do any good. Just turn it around in your mind with a good dose of PMA (positive mental attitude).

Some people would only rather see us when we’re down, keep smiling!

8 years ago

Take a long-distance big hug!!xxx

8 years ago

Cedelle, just read your post, it makes me sad that this MS gets us all so low, I am feelng extremely depressed today, sometimes I really feel like throwing the towell in seriously, my walking is getting worse, much worse, I fall all the time, my arms feel so weak and my legs feel like they just want to collapse and nothings getting any better and I know it won’t get any better and am really fearing for the future, I want to be part of my kids lives not just someone watching from a wheelchair, my eyes are welling up now just thinking about it, your title of this post is how im feeling Cedelle, I dont know anything about TY as I have PPMS, it does seem to have good results though.
Have you tried posting to see if there are any other shifters near you, give it a try you never know, sounds like you need some support and company, I get real comfort talking to other MS’ers as only WE know what we are talking about, sorry Ive not got any constructive advice but just wanted you to know that you’re not alone “feeling fed-up” and breaking into tears, I seem to be doing that quite often lately, big hugs xxxx

8 years ago

Thank u everyone, I think I’m just going tthru one of them phases! My mum only worries and I understand that cos I’ve not been overly well but sometimes I just wana b a normal 22 year old. Its been so long since I’ve gone out an had fun ib forgot wat it felt like! Thanks everyone xxxxx

8 years ago

Cedelle – have you looked at all the sites telling you about MS research? There are literally hundreds of trials going on. There’s a good likelihood that in ten+ years’ time there will be treatments that halt or even reverse MS. We’re all waiting for that day… but it WILL come.

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