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How was my day..

First hi all of you MSers

I know no one cares much but oh well
Woke up late at 1:30pm felt way better than the past few days
My mother asked me if I’d like to have breakfast/lunch now
I gathered having shower first
I took a shower because our week begins on Sunday Saudi Arabia
I waited until the food feel comfortable in my tum hehe
then I had a lovely lunch fried chicken and rice our regular food
after that I had a small cup of black tea like the one they make in Turkey
then I jumped to the car to go to work
I remembered when I was in the car that they opened Starbucks in the supermarket near my house so I stopped I got espresso machiatto for me caramel macchiato for my colleague
then I took them to the car
went to work
There was no much to do there because the academy candidates are still off for holiday
I’ve had some crisps
went back home after I finished my work my sister made pizza *healthy* as she says no much fats or anything
watched a film with mum
now the laptop is on my thieghs Updating a new scan approving I have MS still lol
to send to disability allowance headphones in my ears listening to why worry dire straits

not so active today but oh well
I need to go up 24 satairs to reach my office and 20 stairs at home to go down and up which happened more than once

I still feel awake wish I find a good depressing MS movie to watch hehe
btw I am more interested to dark movies either depressing sad or thrillers and dark music too

I hope you all are keeping safe
I never wish to change this lazy life style at least I achieve lil thing
that what worries me about having treatments
I will not have them just like before
sorry if this was extremely boring
ciao x

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9 months ago

Just another day in paradise, eh, @nutshell88? 😉

9 months ago

@stumbler if the weather wasn’t 48c i would of called it that yes heheط

9 months ago

Hello @nutshell88, it’s great to get a perspective like yours, especially as our knowledge of other countries is sometimes derived from misleading news items and reports! I don’t quite understand what your job is….are you working?

9 months ago

Hi @vixen
I like your put on this forum too your character in unique and quiet strong considering

I’ll be honest with you news and all these things had a huge negative impact on me as a teenager made me hate my own socity think of it as retard islamphopea destroyed my past but i learnt hard lessions in Scotland when I was studying English many people are great others are sneaky all over the world
Many people are educated others are not
When i was working at. Citizins advice as co ordinatoredinburgh a mid age man came to me and asked me whats written on the board i read it and i said its ok i have bad sight too he said no i’ve learnt how to read
Other day a drunk old man broke into our offices in there

But so many great people too feceptionest was my best friend she suffered MD after i left my job i heard by other colleagues that my best friend passed away
Before i go to scotland i finished university as a kinder garten teacher
I worked for uni for 6 months was wee bit stressful
I liked my role in scotland and thats what im doing now in this academy recruitment job x sorry for talking much

I read the news daily but i dint believe any of whats been said in it
Im with the weak
I like reading about politic wars and such
Feel sorry for the weak and hate smiley fake faces making decisions killing thousands in a single day but i keep this interest in my heart because opinions vary

9 months ago

sorry @vixen I wrote that in a rush i meant the mid aged man said he had never learnt how to read he was a white man
I tell you why I was fooled and turned up against my nation
first I was hyper
second stressed with where I was daignosed thinking the heat is the reason wanted to stay in scotland for long term but of course i struggled there more not because living in scotland is hard or anything but because i wasnt used to live like that didnt grow up this way
my family’s house in 1000square metre
in scotland my sddress is EH3 ect up hill and its a 1 bedroom flat i gotta say it was luxurious on the meadows but idk i rathered family’s life to lean on them when im down
buses were also a new thing in my life im used to go on cars
I payed for a car couple of weeks ago all mine I’ll start driving for my own its not out yet because of holiday
its my dream now im replying you while typing on the laptop i got from prince’s st Edinburgh
Mac pro
it has English keyboard not arabic but i can install arabic language and type because i remember the letter’s locations

i remember Edinburgh everyday
the good and the bad things about it
but of course the good take over
people are friendly and simple its a matter of culture thats all

oh and i forgot to say i was amused by islamophobia is because im white skinned girl felt some connection
not knowing turkey is white syria too but racists are calling them yellow so yep hehe thats how i am

be safe and sound we are humans
thats what matter maest as scottish people say it hehe
MSers too and thats another thing x

9 months ago

Hello again @nutshell88, you’ve had an insteresting contrast, ranging from Scotland to Saudi! A real cultural mix up! You are quite right, there’s good and bad in all societies, just as there are great and not-so-great people. The thing about Shift is that there are no barriers or divides, we’re all united by our experience of MS. And folk can be as anonymous as they like. Great that you’ve got a car, will you be having some driving adventures? Do you have to re-apply for your licence, like we do in the U.K. when you have MS? Make sure when you get Arabic installed on your Mac you remember to post in English, or we won’t be able to reply! X

9 months ago

Yeah. In every arm and rave there are good and bad apples
From the things i loved about scotland is equal opportunities
Thats something i am raised on
And glad its there in Scotland
Thats why i felt optimistic joining shift
Everyone is equal nothing is personal
About the 🚗
I hope they allow me to have a license and not say im disabled
Frankly im afrain my reactons would be slow or my balance might put me in danger

About the Scottish macbook dont worry i mean arabic letters arent printed on keyboard
But i remember them no need to print them on it
I’ve added arabic and english besides i have an iphone so there’s no chance i lose my activity on thus site @vixen

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