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help if you can!

hi i’m a little to this, i mean all of it, i’ve only just joined the 21st century, and got online, I have been diagnosed for about a month now and i have really weak legs, its good to know what it is but nobody seems to be able to tell me what to do about it or what happens next!

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8 years ago

Hiya Simone.
One of the things you will hear over and over is that no one MS sufferer is the same. I was diagnosed just over a year ago and the lack of control and the “unexpected” nature of the disease was and is the hardest thing to deal with.
You never get used to the apparent randomness of your symptoms but I find that my life still goes on. I used to be all consumed by the disease, but now it is just one part of me.
It will take time but as long as you have support, you’ll survive, whether it’s a great friend/ family or the Shift community x

8 years ago

cheers that’s really helped, I do have the most fantastic husband, I’m kind of stuck on a rollercoaster at the mo coz nurse can’t see me till the 30th for the fist time, and i don’t know whether or not to go back to work(i’ve just had a relapse-so my GP has said, i don’t really know, and a UTI) i feel better but not sure whether to go back to work??

8 years ago

hello simone.i had a relapse which kept me off work for 3 months,i can’t do nothing all day everyday so spoke to my bosses & they have started me back on 3×2 hour mini shifts a week until i am ready to do more.fatigue gets me a lot & has left me thinkin,i may not have the full use of my body for the full length of my life so i am happy doing part time & having more time for me & to see my family & not forgeting spend time with my best buddy my dog.don’t be pressured by work,do what you can but remember your health & family come first by left arm & leg were totaly paralised while my last relapse ran its course but after some hard work with physio’s & a fair bit of frustration i can now walk with my dog,use exercise bike & run for a short distance.even if your movement gets a little better each day,its a little better than yesterday,thats how i get through it.same with a little amount of exercise is better than none.stretch when you can & walk if you can.i just think of all the things i can still do & keep telling ms “i’m the boss,not you”

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