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7 months ago

I used to. I’d especially have the fits of laughing for no reason. Now it’s hard for me to laugh or cry… my neurologist thinks it’s a medication, but it started before I was on any medications. Now I just wish I could laugh or cry. I remember I’d get really embarrassed for laughing in public when nothing was funny. I’d always think my doctors appointments were hilarious!

7 months ago

Thanks for replying,my ms nurse said she never heard of it ,but my physio said it was common with ms , it started after I went on steroids,it can be embarrassing it happened in the GP surgery and I had to explain that I was not depressed because I was crying ,but I had no control over my emotions,

7 months ago

@denisejulie , I’m surprised your MS Nurse hasn’t heard of this symptom. It’s called Emotional Lability, aka the PseudoBulbar Affect (PBA) :-

7 months ago

Steroids can also cause mood swings and being emotional. I’d always cry over the dumbest things after my steroid infusions. That is odd that they said it isn’t common. My neurologist told me the opposite and specifically asked me if I cry or laugh for no reason.

7 months ago

I for got to ask my neurologist, but the ms nurse said she had not heard of it . Asked a group of people with ms and they said they had not suffered from it so I thought it was just me , I should say I was diagnosed last year , I not worked since May because I had a fell falls and being a Carer it was deemed unsafe, which I miss and it’s the uncertainty about the future, also my brother who live in Florida has MS too .

6 months ago

Dear @denisejulie,

I have found that I have become a lot more emotional since my diagnosis. I “tear up” in situations which would not have bothered me in the past. If I’m reading something funny out loud, or (trying to) tell a joke, I can’t get to the end of a sentence without laughing. It’s just yet another thing to get used to on this rich journey that we’re all travelling on!

All the best.


6 months ago


I occasionally get the giggles at the most inappropriate of times but have not experienced crying for no reason as of yet.

6 months ago

I was never ever able to shed a tear, hated it. But since the diagnosis and treatment I can cry over a stupid Disney film.. I kinda like it… makes me feel human.

6 months ago

I had this, it was awful, I kept laughing.
When I tried to stop myself, I couldn’t.
This appears to have stopped now, thank goodness.
I was officially diagnosed last year and had my first treatment of Lemtrada (alemtuzumab) in July 2018, my second course is happening this year.

6 months ago

Hello & welcome,
Yes a few years ago very same fits of laughter then tears.
It does abate leaves then altogether.
Look sounds harsh but with all due respect to medical professionals, if a person isn’t suffering MS or it’s symptoms it’s extremely difficult for them to know some of these oul’ weird symptoms.
On the bright side if you don’t already keep a journal could come in very handy & help them too.
Best of luck,
Jane 💜

6 months ago

I’m a survivor of multiple TBIs and I used to experience this pathological weeping/laughing all the time, it’s quite uncontrollable and people in general don’t understand this and often take it as a sign of disrespect. This was going away but as my MS progresses a may become a problem again. I’ve learned that what others think of me is absolutely none of my business, as long as I am acting accordingly I can continue living happy, joyous and free regaurdless of what others think.

6 months ago

Hello @denisejulie, since being diagnosed my crying and laughing is way more extreme. I range from crying at adverts, to crying with laughter over stupid things and people are open mouthed at my hysteria. Weird, huh …..

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