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5 months ago

Hi and welcome to the club….
Top left you’ll see a magnifying glass.
Click on that and search for fes you’ll find other people’s posts about it.
Feel free to ask anything you like we’ll try and find an answer one way or another.
Welcome again 😀

5 months ago

As highlander notes there has been much discussion on FES devices on this forum and that is where I have learned the most and the blogs of Roger Southall. I am in the US where they first try a plastic/fiberglass orthodic for footdrop. I got one the beginning of this year and it seemed to work ok for awhile. Then I needed a bit more and they hate to keep giving you new ones when you need to”up the dose”. I also found that the muscles in the front of my shin were atrophying as they didn’t have to do as much work.

I was fitted for the L300 Go system and am fighting paperwork to get one as in the US they are seen as more experimental and always initially denied. I just got a letter from my Neuro to help override the insurance rejection.

So search this forum and find the blogs of Roger Southall. He is often around on this forum but also communicated with me directly when I reached out-

Good luck and keep moving 😉

5 months ago

I live in South Yorkshire and have an FES with electrodes that I got thro the NHS.I don’t wear it every day-more if I need to do a lot of walking. It works great as long as you position the electrodes in the right place. There are other options -some have sensors so no wiring. I went to Birmingham a few months ago to try out the bioness L300 Go. It made things worse for me and the cost was 4500 too so I was glad!
The very best thing I decided to do was to see a neuro physio. I assumed that my drop foot would always be that way but she’s taught me so much,given me exercises and my foot/calf is massively improved. I’d also just got some insoles and an AFO in desperation but she advised me that I don’t need them if I do these specific exercises.
Good luck for January x

5 months ago

Thank you @vanesssj. My appnt is in Selly Oak Birmingham as I live in West Midlands. Can’t wait to see if it will help. Mags

5 months ago

Thank you @itsmewithms. Will look him up. It’s funny how we learn those things from others Ms sufferers and not from doctors.. Thank you again. Mags

5 months ago

Indeed. My Neuro didn’t really understand much about them but in the US I think AFOs are used more. I showed him what I got this spring and how now it was no longer enough for me. I showed him the Walk Aide system and how it worked and how it wasn’t as good as it worked totally off shin angle while the L300 Go system has a gyroscope that operates it so it works no matter how fast you are walking one day vs the next, over what surfaces you are walking, etc. It just worked better for me and the “zing” you got to order your leg to rise was not so annoying. I think it would be great if they put give themselves a nerve block and then try the various options just for our amusement if for nothing else ;-0

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