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Driving on provisional with optical nero

I need some advice we will inform the dvla of my daughters condition but she has only a provisional licence and start with this complaint just before she’s ready to take her test she has not driven since but is now getting better what do u think the dvla will inform us to do

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1 year ago

Hi @edward_arnold and welcome.

There’s no decision to make for you as you are legally obliged to advise the DVLA.

The DVLA will then ask for permission to write to both your GP and your Neuro to get a view on your daughter’s capability to drive. The DVLA will be guided by the responses they receive from you, your GP and your Neuro.

If everyone approves your daughter’s capability to drive, the DVLA will probably issue a 3 year provisional licence, to be exchanged for a full 3 year licence when she passes her test.

1 year ago

Hi @edward_arnold
I have deal with optic nueritus too. It is only my left eye. My Nuero and Ophthalmologist have told me legally I have to see 20/30 out of one eye to legally drive. But, I have been driving for over 50 years and I have been dealing with MS and optic nueritus for > 20 years. I’m not a new driver learning to drive in the aggressiveness of drivers today. I would have her examined by Nuero and Opthamologist and get their medical evaluation specifically towards driving and her condition. I would take their information and recommendation and then make the parent decision about informing DVLA. But, that is just me.

I was in a similar situation. I was close to taking my test when I got my diagnosis. I told the DVLA immediately. As Stumbler says, it takes them a while to write to your doctor and make a decision and my test came round before they got back to me. I took the test under my provisional licence at that time without any problems.
I emailed the DVLA to double check it was fine and they said it wasn’t a problem.
I wasn’t having any symptoms at the time of my test, so I’d say the only thing to stop her is if she or a doctor thinks it’s not safe for her to drive.

Or of course, if the DVLA says she must not drive while they make their decision. If you have any questions I would just call them.

Sorry, I’m misremembering. I had to send my licence back, but was able to continue driving lessons in the meantime. My 3 year provisional arrived in time for my test.

1 year ago

As far as I am aware it is a legal requirement to notify the dvla about a medical condition.

I am sure that a tiny bit of Googling will give you reputable sites whose answers you can trust. The Dvla would be the go-to site. Armchair lawyers are everywhere…

If it comes out that this wasn’t done then insurers will drop you like a hot potato citing failure to act in a lawful manner. You can bet that it is in the policy terms that you are expected to comply with the law.

I imagine that if issues of parental responsibility are involved – not sure if a 17y old is still considered a minor regarding breaches of the Road Traffic Act – then your insurance may also be affected.

Not really a complex problem if you go to the Dvla. Though it may take a while to grind out a solution, as everything disappears into the Adminisphere for a time.

1 year ago

Dominics is right, it is a legal requirement with serious consequences if you do not tell.

When I was diagnosed my neurologist said I would need to inform the DVLA, but that it wouldn’t be an issue – this was about a month after I recovered from nystagmus, I have also had diplopia (twice) and optic neuritis once, all pre-diagnosis. I informed the DVLA, they wrote to my neuro, hey presto! New licence in the mail.

The whole thing didn’t take very long at all, not that I needed it to drive as I live in London. But it’s useful for ID.

I now have two years left on my licence, haven’t had a relapse in over a year, and am hoping by the time this licence expires it will be replaced with a 5 year licence.

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