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Drinking alcohol

So I have seen a lot about everyone drinking when they have MS Now I’ll admit I drink and i smoke (yes I’ve been told about the benefits of quiting smoking) haha but there’s no solid proof that drinking and smoking causes/makes MS worse (that I’ve been told about) … and what I want to know is is there any solid proof that it makes MS worse? I mean I know I’m only 24 but I like going out and having a good time but if that’s going to cause me relapses (which I don’t want to happen) I don’t want to do it and I’ll quit everything haha thanks in advance xx any advice would be much appreciated and you all are wonderful people xx

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8 months ago

@kimb640 I got told alcohol isn’t a problem but nicotine does have issues with MS, but also after a heavy night out alcohol acts as a depresent especially with people with MS. I have given up smoking but I still drink on a regular basis but am thinking knocking that on the head next year, the hangovers destroy me!!

8 months ago

Makes the bloody hangover worse my heads still banging from Friday night 😂, might be me age tho since hitting 30 iv got hairy ears, nostrils and fecking multiple SclerosARSE.

8 months ago

@kimb640 , you know the evil weed is bad for you, don’t you?

Well, here’s the MS angle:-

There are numerous additional links at the foot of the page too.

And, here’s some articles on alcohol, which make better reading:-

8 months ago


I have not heard or seen any definitive proof or evidence that says outright that Drinking Alcohol and Smoking Cigs/Weed is 100% guaranteed to make your MS worse. Don’t some medical professionals speak of the benefits of taking Cannabis?… Seems to be a lot of conjecture and opinionated medics forcing their own opinions upon Patients, claiming them to be 100% factual when they are not.

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