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Does anyone else have only one lesion?

Does anyone else have only one lesion? I’ve always read that MS causes multiple lesions in the brain and spine. I started my symptoms in 2002 and was diagnosed with MS in 2013. I’ve only ever had one lesion which seems to be active on almost all of my MRI’s. Mayo clinic diagnosed me and it was confirmed by my neurologist however, he thinks it will eventually be broken out into a new subcategory of MS. Where my lesion is located I have processing, memory and cognitive issues. I also have the rest of the symptoms like balance, tremors and numbness and tingling in my extremities. Not that I ever want more lesions but I just don’t understand how I can have so much damage from just one.

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3 months ago

When I was diagnosed I had 5 it has been eleven years and I still have 5. I asked the technician how many does she find in a first diagnoses. She said anywhere from one to ten, I was right in the middle. I had one lesion that was really close to my optic nerve and it was causing a small hole in my vision. Once I started on a DMT the hole went away. I am sorry you are having such a rough time, I also believe neuros are coming up with some new catagories. Maybe they will find a new treatment for you. Potter

3 months ago

@pinkcandystick , by definition, Multiple Sclerosis translates as “Multiple Scarring”.

Personally, I’ve had little interest in the number of lesions I’ve acquired. It doesn’t make much difference to the way I feel and how I progress!

3 months ago

@potter Even though I have all the symptoms of MS I feel like a fraud having only 1 lesion. Like it might be a mistake or something else completely. I guess if I had a 2nd or 3rd it would validate it somehow. I guess I’m expecting them to tell me on every MRI that the lesion disappeared and it isn’t MS after all. Wishful thinking after all these years right?

3 months ago

Ooh you’re very interesting! When I was waiting on a diagnosis and having MRIs, I was reading up on the criteria for an MS diagnosis and usually they stick to what’s called the McDonald criteria.
The McDonald criteria is usually evidence of 2 separate lesions and/or 2 attacks. However there are ways in which it can be diagnosed with just 1 lesion…
How many attacks/relapses do you think you have had since your symptoms began? The frequency of attacks might be what has swayed your diagnosis and not the amount of actual lesions. Or your 1 lesion might be shifting ever so slightly each time you have an attack, and it’s actually more like you have multiple overlapping lesions in the same area, which would explain why your symptoms seem to be consistently the same each time.

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