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11 months ago

@andrew_reds , the have been a couple of conversations on intermittent fasting, which followed a TV documentary on the subject.

You can locate these conversations by using the Forum Search function (magnifying glass, top left) and searching for “intermittent fasting”. šŸ˜‰

11 months ago

Hello @andrew_reds. I am on a low carb and high fat diet. I started it to lose weight after being diagnosed. After I lost weight I have stuck with it as it has improved my energy levels. Iā€™m not sure of the impact it has on MS but I feel good on it anyways…

11 months ago

Hello Andrew,
I have found over the years there’s days I can’t eat, in the end I cut out all red meat & pork, once a week I eat a small amount of roast chicken but no other poultry, after that usually it’s soup I mix in basmati rice. I don’t eat white bread, now & again I’ll bake a brown.
Some times I’ll have an egg scrambled or poached.
I’ve often felt the MS dictates what my body can or cannot eat, I just go with that.
I’m not one for these fad diets to be honest.
You do what you feel most comfortable with as your body will tell you.

11 months ago

Thank you all for the info I got told about how the the ms disease eats carbs and like rice pasta potato. Sugar to so survives so if I was to take away all that and fast and detox diet my finking is that treet it like fire if u take away one element then the fire ant going to survive and im newly diagnosed and dont want bleave thanks

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