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Aubagio or Tecfidera

Hi there

I am an old woman compared to most of you out there, so for that reason I guess I should thank my lucky stars that I’ve only just been diagnosed.

I have been given a choice of medication – Orevus which I’ve decided not to take into consideration. So it’s now between Aubagio and Tecfidera. Can any of you offer any advice or feedback. I’m hoping to give my decision on Tuesday next week.

Thank you

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1 month ago

Hi and welcome,I was diagnosed at 57 yrs ,I’m nearly 59yrs I feel just the same as you, anyway I’ve been on Tecifidera for over a year now no new lesions, but a lot of problems with the damaged that been done before being diagnosed

1 month ago

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1 month ago

@denisejulie & @anwen_scarisbrick-
Older and wiser is awesome, beautiful and mature!! Gives(us🤣😊) more to give!! Head high, and chin up… Chao! Be well! ❤️

1 month ago

Hello and welcome @anwen_scarisbrick. I am a fellow ‘older woman’ diagnosed three years ago. I’ve been on Tecfidera which is not invasive or problematic. It’s a shocker being diagnosed late on, but I guess there are some advantages in that too. Strangely enough, I’ve made massive changes that mean I have a much better quality of life now than if I had never been diagnosed. Keep strong, and keep enjoying life x

1 month ago


Thank you for responding. It’s strangely comforting knowing you’re listening to others who are in the same boat. I speak to my MS nurse again next week so I’ve got a few days left to do a little more homework. Wishing you all well

1 month ago

Dear anwen Scarisbrick.

My opinion is..
M.S. and medication effectiveness are different for each person. I have RRMS and taking tecfidera for a year now and it doesnt do too much for me as my ms is quickly progressing.
It’s good for someone else.

However.. Tecfidera should just slow down the deterioration and doesn’t heal the existing damages.

Ocrevus starts to improve your condition after 6 to 12 months after the first dose.

If I had a chance I’d choose that.
If you start another treatment like me then it’s a bit long process to get something else prescribed.
Also because ocrevus is more than 10 times more expensive for the government.

I hope I will get ocrevus ..

Good luck with your decision.

1 month ago

Hi Anwen,

I was diagnosed 18 months ago and have been on tecfidera for over a year. When I was choosing between tec and aubagio, it came down to the side effects. I decided that for my quality of life, having a drink now and then was appealing to me and I still wanted kids. I did have some trouble with stomach issues getting on it, but that got better after a month and now take a stomach protector (magnesium pantoprazole). A higher fat diet also helped. I’m now being taken off it to move to a more aggressive treatment (I’ll probably be making a post like this soon), but I would recommend looking at side effects and what matches best with your life. All of them have some risks, but don’t stress too much, if your doctor is offering both as options there isn’t really a wrong answer.

1 month ago

Can’t speak to anything other than Tecfidera. 52 years old, been on Tecfidera for 6 years. Flushing i my only side effect. Scans are awesome compared to first one. No new lesions no activity or relapses, so for that I can appreciate it. I also cut out red meat and try to eat more fiber every day. My two cents. Nutrition helped me learn a lot.

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