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Any shows/ Docs/ movies with MS?

Hey guys! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as they can. So I always go on a binge search of any documentaries, movies or shows that deal with MS. I would love some recommendations! Only ones I have seen:

– Living proof (documentary)
– 100 Meters (Netflix movie) so good!

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1 week ago

@rel12 , see if you can find this one:-

I believe I found and watched it one day. It was very “close to home”!

1 week ago

Thanks @rel12 just put on 100 meters now. Gotta catch up on my Spanish. Uda best

1 week ago

5 minutes in old man reminds me of my dad hahaha kind of annoying ha

1 week ago

Thank you @stumbler ! I feel like I have heard about this one. Hopefully I can find it.

@jamoranto Haha that’s funny! But yeah it definitely helps if you know Spanish. For me, I didn’t need the captions but at least you can do that.

1 week ago

Yes it’s hit and miss. Definitely need the captions most of the time.
Need to jump on my bike and give it a whirl again. One day we speak to each other via Houseparty

1 week ago

Hi @ rel12

Wow, thanks for the heads up of the film “100 Metres”, I just watched it and it was a great film. One thing I have struggled with is getting my family to understand how my MS affects me and what could potentially happen relapse wise. I will be recommending my family watch this film too.

1 week ago

@rel12 ,

Good luck in tracking this one down!

Saw this on TV back in 2009 when I was going through my own MS diagnoses, watched it as I was a huge fan of his art, and also to gain a window into my possible future. Managed to find a copy on ebay last year, and on rewatching it realised my possible future back then has become my reality, oh well…

1 week ago

i saw this film ( with Julie Andrews )

Saw the stage play to with Julie Stevenson
( I fell asleep .coz I had been at work since 6am..soft seat , quiet warm room…i’m gone !

6 days ago

While they’re not full length documentary films, have lots of film on their YouTube channel:

“At our mission is to challenge stereotypes. To tell honest, diverse stories that represent the lived realities of MSers, adapting to the uncertainty of a diagnosis with multiple sclerosis.

“The stories aren’t prescriptive and leave intentional room for interpretation. There’s no single experience and there’s no single way of adapting to an MS diagnosis.

“Our stories strive to break the hero narrative, celebrating the everyday, and by encouraging empathy not sympathy, we create content that MSers can relate to.”

6 days ago

A part of a later plot revolving around MS comes up in the series “The West Wing”.

7 hours ago

@underdog I am glad that you watched it! I also had my family watch it so they could see what it is like with MS, even though everyone deals with it in a different way. It’s hard to explain clearly what really goes down!

@markp Thank you! But sorry to hear that – hope you are doing well. I have not heard of this but reading a bit and I will try and find this one. I love horror so I think it’s cool he’s a horror artist.

@ray_thomas Haha thank you for sending that!

@sophoeshift Yes, I have seen most of these. They are great and creative!

@andrea_woodvine Thank you!

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